Weekly Horoscope for February 11: All Is Fair in Love and War.

February 10, 2024

The last week of this Aquarius season comes through with a dramatic flare! Aspirations and longings will grab us by the hand, eagerly pulling us toward pleasure and desire. However, frustrated irritations pop up along the way. We must halt when patience is hard to reach. Sprinting and keeping a fast pace will feel enthralling overall, with a yearning motive to possess our cravings.

On February 13, instinctual Mars enters nonchalant Aquarius. Following suit, relationship-oriented Venus enters the same sign on the sixteenth. Can you imagine Venus and Mars, the forbidden lovers, rendezvousing and kissing? Our Venusian romantic desires will surely give us butterflies. Our Martian competitive passions will demand more success. To make the most of this week, avoid power games. With Venus-Mars meeting Pluto, we may tell ourselves to fear vulnerability. The urge to pry, control, or strategize interactions without being transparent ourselves deters us. The game of who can care less kills connection. We can wear our hearts on our sleeves safely. 


My heart leads me to connections and company I do not need to be hypervigilant about protecting myself from.


Taurus, Libra, and Aquarius can expect the most inspiring week of the twelve signs.

  • Taurus and Libra will feel less passive and more proactive in pursuing their desires when their charming planetary ruler, Venus, is supercharged by the passion of ambitious Mars.
  • Aquarius will feel inspired and determined within themselves with the exciting Venus-Mars conjunction highlighting their life path and identity.



Sharing life is more exciting rather than trudging along alone, Aries. This week will amplify your social life with excitement. With your solar eleventh house of friendship active, your social life gets a boost. The friendship or relatability element of relationships will be essential to nurture, whether romantic, platonic, or professional connection. You may even find that you develop more than friendly feelings toward an acquaintance. Regardless, making plans and aims for your future brings you and others together. In this process, compromise, cooperate, and be open-minded. Unity and community are essential. To grow cooperatively, find methods to ensure the values and needs of all are met, including your own. 


Business in the front, and the party will be in the back. Your work life is about to heat up with your solar tenth house of career activated by the passionate Mars-Venus conjunction this week. First impressions will be everything. Luckily, you’ll seem like you belong seamlessly, even in unfamiliar places and faces. Keep a passionate, enthusiastic attitude with colleagues. However, be mindful not to come on too strong, especially if you’re in an authoritative role. Use this persuasive professional energy to make people eagerly anticipate working with you. Identify your desires and acknowledge others. Teamwork makes the dream work.


With passionate Mars urging you to chase after your desires while romantic Venus passively daydreams of rosy ideals this week, frustrated longings heighten. Your moral code of ethics will be tested when your solar ninth house is activated. Your inner philosopher will feel curious and experimental. You have rhetorical questions to ponder this week, Gemini. And any answers are optional. Undergoing a cerebral experience that expands your mind and beliefs should be your only goal on this introspective journey. Gift yourself soul nourishment and food for thought. Let yourself change your mind. Faith will be restored.


An energetic perfume of hot, sultry vibes and attraction spritzes in the air, Cancer. A wave of sensuality exhilarates you. Inhale its passion, exhale any urge to control or own it. Your solar eighth house of intimacy is supercharged by Mars and Venus this week. Keep envy, jealousy, or possessiveness at bay. Or, to mirror, don’t limit yourself because of another’s scarcity mindset. Dive deeper into love to dispel fear. Sure, you can stay put in the shallow end. But then, how will you experience being truly held in deeper waters? Confront what disagreements are really about. What’s the root? Where do you or another require more support to feel emotionally safe?


If your relationships have been predictable or mundane, shake-ups are in order, Leo. A wave of Venus-Mars energy surges through your solar seventh house of relationships. And boy, do tensions arise! This can mean conflicts flare up. However, the good kind of tension, sexy push-and-pull flirting, is also in order. Use this energy wisely. Do you need to nag, prod, or obsess over the faults of your partner or loved ones? Do you need to control the dynamics? Or can you lean into the fun side of this fiery energy: passionate conversations, sensual encounters, and inspiring support?


Venus-Mars activates your solar sixth house of the daily grind and routines, ensuring that you’re consistent with what brings you pleasure and fulfillment. Practicality versus passion will be contemplated, Virgo. Sure, you may know how to excel at what’s expected of you. But are you making time for what you enjoy? Issues completing your responsibilities may arise for you to take stock of what isn’t working to course-correct. Passion projects are encouraged. Decline what makes rational sense but drains your spirit.


Don’t worry about how your life looks; focus on living it to the fullest. Your solar fifth house of romance, pleasure, and creativity will burn with Mars-Venus passion this week. An exciting project, idea, or person takes up a lot of your energy. How can you focus on responsibilities and boring tasks when you are so enamored? Work with this wave of energy, not against it. This is your permission slip to schedule less for practicality and plan more on letting loose. Your inner child needs to run their excessive energy free in the playground of life during recess to recharge. 


Home is where the heart is, Scorpio. This week, Mars-Venus cozy around the fireplace in your solar fourth house of home, family, the hearth. Nostalgia fills the air, and the desire to walk down memory lane leads you to self-discovery. Indulging in domestic matters, such as cooking savory meals, time with loved ones, beautifying your decor, or even relocating to a more ideal location are in order. However, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. If you get lost in trying to control the details, you risk derailment, flaring up disagreements, tensions, or conflicts. Focus your passions in your personal life intentionally. 


It’s not always what you say but how you say it. Sagittarians are known for their direct approach. This week, Mars-Venus hitting your solar third house of communication and community will highlight this. Ensure that you speak with conviction but not passive-aggressively, bossy, or harshly. On the flip side, you can set the standard to accept nothing less than respectful, clear conveys from others. Be mindful of your wording in texts and emails, proofread letters, and work in a diplomatic voice when possible. Allow your passions to soar with humility to ground you.


Know your value, Capricorn. Your solar second house of resources, money, and self-esteem is charged by Mars-Venus this week. The urge to impulsively buy will be high. Avoid falling into overspending. Further, inquire within. When self-sabotaging financial habits arise, are they covering up self-doubt or self-esteem issues? Look at the core issue rather than bandaging it with material aims or distractions. You are worth it.


Now, that’s more like it! Prepare for the ride of a lifetime as Mars and Venus enter your solar first house of identity this week. The tables turn in your favor. A certain magnetism lights up your aura, and people want to gather around your glowing warmth. This can manifest as admiration or desire. However, feelings of envy are just as likely to be projected onto you if another desires what you have. As you hold the keys to your empowerment, don’t get lost in making decisions based on external opinions. It’s your life. You have to live it at the end of the day. Choose the path that brings you excitement and eagerness to explore new destinations.


You cannot avoid yourself forever, Pisces. Mars-Venus meet in the solar twelfth house of your subconscious, private self. Anxiety and fears may be louder this week, demanding more attention. Answer the call to do your inner shadow work. Self-compassion will help you to release outdated desires, conflicts, and beliefs. The relief will be well worth the emotional labor. Venus will ask you why you are self-sabotaging relationships, money, or desires. Mars will urge you to stop passively waiting. Proactively seek the medicine you know you need. Your mental and spiritual health is the priority. All else can wait.