Weekly Horoscope for June 25: Build Your Empire.

June 24, 2023

Charge into a week that will feel like a storm and a vibrant, sunny vacation. The onset of the week is especially murky, with cosmic wars taking place in the heavens above. Yet, come June 28, we’ll be feeling much better energy arise. On this date, the sun will kiss Saturn, bringing opportunities for achievements, long-term success, and making solid plans from a sturdy foundation. Not only will new situations present themselves for us to tackle, but previously completed work that was excellent in nature may now lift us up to higher echelons with more responsibility, power, and influence.


I am ready to show the world my glory.


This week, Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces will fare especially well. This is because of the particular astrological configurations. With the sun in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces, these two zodiac signs are particularly spotlit. For Cancers, they may have a chance to build success around international business, legalities, academics, or even media endeavors. Capricorns, with their planetary ruler highlighted, could make some long-term promises or plans with a significant other or sign an agreement that favors them in the long haul. Last, Pisceans could see great luck around making a promise in love that could stand the test of time.



Prepare for tremendous good fortune, Aries. You may soon sit on your throne of gold. With Jupiter, our Great Benefic, dancing in your solar second house of finances, you’re seeing more wealth come your way and bathing in the success! Consider ways to monetize further, whether by looking for a new job, asking for a raise, picking up a side hustle, or even hunting for a lucrative client.


You are the luckiest zodiac sign of all now and for months to come, Taurus. All your dreams could soon come true if you believe you are ready. As Jupiter, our Great Benefic, attracts blessings to you in all areas of life, you could cry from euphoria. Vision board everything you’d like to tackle now — and in the coming decade — and get moving toward these goals.


Your intuition is whispering important messages, Gemini. You are more aware and perceptive than you realize. As Jupiter, our Great Benefic, trickles through the depths of your solar twelfth house, you are being guided by ancestors and spiritual impulses. Start a dream journal as you open up to your introspective, mystical side. If you need guidance in any area of life, meditation and therapy could help unlock limitless answers.


No one is quite as popular as you are right now, Cancer! Consider what will fulfill you on the greatest of levels and go forth to pursue these goals rapidly. As Jupiter, our Great Benefic, spins through the heavens of your solar eleventh house, you’re the most popular VIP superstar! This is one of the luckiest places for Jupiter to be for you, as he will bring blessings raining down upon you.


Wear the golden crown of success now, Leo. With Jupiter, our Great Benefic, igniting within your solar tenth house of achievement, major opportunity in regards to professional goals and your career is at hand. Note that how hard you’ve worked in the past decade could truly pay off in every way now. However, you may instead find new projects, trajectories, and endeavors are even more important to you at this time.


The roads to happiness and adventure are open before you, Virgo. Consider what will fulfill you on the greatest of levels and go forth to pursue these goals rapidly. Jupiter, our Great Benefic, is bringing forth opportunities for personal and professional expansion in every single way. As he ventures through your solar ninth house of expansion, you could feel as if a rush of wind is lifting up beneath your wings and you are soaring further than ever before. Don’t focus on your limits. You are limitless!


Joyous expansion around wealth may now be here for you, Libra. As Jupiter, our Great Benefic, spins buoyantly through in your solar eighth house, money is on your mind! If you already have assets or investments, you could find that they are prospering and proliferating exponentially. Be sure to discuss your long-term wealth portfolio with anyone who can bring a hint of guidance. They could rapidly push you in the right direction.


Some of your happiest moments in partnership could now be upon you, Scorpio. Singles have a high likelihood of meeting a true soulmate. As glorious Jupiter, our Great Benefic, spins across the skies from you in your solar seventh house of relationships, you are the most favored in all matters of commitment, union, and marriage. If already coupled up, you may soon choose to move in, get engaged, or even be wed.


Your health is growing in the best possible ways, Sagittarius. As your planetary ruler, mighty Jupiter, ignites your solar sixth house, you’re finding that your fitness, physical health, and diet are bringing you happiness. Luckily, if you’ve had any health challenges in recent years, you could find that they are either miraculously vanishing or that you have found the right treatments and specialists to aid you now. Stay positive!


One of the most magnificent periods in your entire life for passion is upon you, Capricorn. As Jupiter dances through your solar fifth house of pleasure and romance, you are favored in all matters of the heart. If you happen to be single, dating will bring you great happiness — a soulmate could be just around the corner. For those in a relationship already, you may find that you’re having so much laughter burst from within.


Peace and serenity are on the top of your mind, Aquarius. As mighty Jupiter energizes your solar fourth house of domesticity, home, and family, you may see happiness and expansion around all of these themes. If you’d like to purchase real estate, now would be a great period to venture into this arena. Moving, relocating, redecorating, or renovating would also be excellent ways of using this vibration.


Let brilliance radiate from you like you are the sun, Pisces. As Jupiter, your planetary co-ruler, dances through your solar third house of communication, you’re downloading incredible talent from the ether. Your intellect is very open now, so consider enrolling in a course of study or updating your certifications. Another way this could bring you happiness is through traveling with your siblings. You’d find that you grow ever so close.