Weekly Horoscope for January 1: Embrace a New Year!

January 1, 2023

As the wheel of life turns, we find a new year at our doorstep. Where will you sojourn in the months ahead? What exciting new adventures are the stars promising to you? What is on your vision board to manifest in 2023? No matter your zodiac sign, you’re in luck because a gorgeous and magical week welcomes you into the year. The planets above will twinkle and dance effortlessly, encouraging us to live in the moment. While we’ll still be in the throes of Mars and Mercury retrograde, the stars above are promising opportunities rather than challenges. A gorgeous and cheerful full moon in Cancer also arrives on January 6, helping us to feel cozy, compassionate, and loving. Embrace your spirit and heart as you twirl into a beautiful new year.


I am the ruler of my destiny. I will create 2023 into a masterpiece that fulfills me on every single level.


This week, with an absolutely marvelous full moon upon us on January 6, magic is in the air. Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces will feel euphoric energy course through their veins and spirits. While this lunation will bring personal happiness to both Virgo and Pisces, Scorpio will find that it energizes them to soar in vast new directions. Virgos will find tremendous happiness in their social lives and friendships, perhaps even meeting a new person who will become a kindred spirit. Pisces could feel the flames of love overtake them, whether single or attached. Scorpions, though, will be invigorated to charge into the sunset and explore new ideas, opportunities, and perspectives on life.



Feel the cozy warmth of the new year in your heart and your home, Aries. This week’s shimmering full moon highlights your domestic sphere and could bring a happy shift regarding home or family. Some of you could find that you are set to move or renovate or even just give an extra special touch to your living space. Others may find that they feel closer than ever to their family or parents.


You have an impactful, emotional message to declare this week, Taurus. As the full moon glides into your sector of intellect and communication, you’ll feel clarity around how you need to connect with someone — or many people — of importance. This may provide the mental breakthrough you’ve needed but have been uncertain of for quite some time. This is an excellent period to harness this power, step up to the microphone, and declare your perspective.


Prosperity is a choice, Gemini, and this week will show you that you have the tools and skills to build your kingdom of gold. The full moon will thump deep within your financial sector, bringing exciting news or a shift to your income. This may take the form of a raise, a new job offer, a lucrative client, or an opportunity to monetize via a side hustle. Be sure to treat yourself a little extra this week, too.


The cosmos are crowning you this week, Cancer. As the full moon sings from within your zodiac sign, you’ll watch as you’re more easily able to proceed toward your greatest desires. Use the beginning of the week to truly dig deep into what makes you happiest and then parade forward confidently as you take the wheel and set your sights on the path to get there. You’re the star! Be one.


The universe is going to help you to pamper yourself this week, Leo. You’ll be ready to rest, rejuvenate, or even give yourself a spa day. This is due to the full moon spinning within the most private sector of your sky, helping you to recharge your emotional, physical, and mental batteries. You will have a greater chance of healing anything you wish to. If closure is on your mind, know that you have the power to find it.


Bliss is promised to you this week, Virgo. As the full moon radiates like a beacon in the heights of your sector of joy, you could feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Not only are you likely to feel more popular and desired by others, but you could notice that you’re meeting truly remarkable and kind people who genuinely support you. Attend a mixer to connect with new faces, or try out a matchmaker if single.


Victory is here this week, Libra. You could feel like you’re on top of the world. As the full moon resounds like a trumpet from the crown of your sky, you’ll feel achievement calling your name. Depending on how hard you’ve worked in the past six months, you could now see a promotion, favorable press, a compliment from an authority figure, or even a new job offer that will put your name in lights.


Prepare for a surge of adrenaline this week, Scorpio. You’re firing on all cylinders! As the full moon tickles your expansion zone, you’ll be invigorated to chase the sunrise or soar to the furthest sunset. Depending on your interests, you may find good news around media or publishing endeavors, academics, or even a traveling opportunity. Seize the day and know that you are worthy of everything you desire!


Snuggle up close this week, Sagittarius. You’re ready to get up close and personal. With the full moon highlighting how you give and receive, as well as your intimate life, you could be pulling the one you love in closer. However, if you’re not on the same page, you may decide to amicably separate and support each other from afar. Regardless of your decision, do your best to lead with care and compassion.


Reach out your hand this week, Capricorn. You could find that the perfect partner takes it and pulls you ever closer. This week’s full moon sings hymns across the sky from you in your partnership sector. Depending on where you and your significant other stand, you may be making long-term promises, discussing moving in or engagement, or even tying the knot. Singles can use this majestic might to their benefit by looking for someone with staying power.


Productivity and efficiency will be on your mind this week, Aquarius, as you juggle a million little tasks, routines, and responsibilities. As the full moon rises, you’ll likely be running at full speed! This is a fantastic period to assess your work and life balance, as well as how you can streamline your priorities and calendar. If you’re feeling a bit burnt out, it’s time to have a check-up with your doctor.


Let your heart erupt like a rainbow this week, Pisces. As the full moon sings sweetly in your sector of passion and true love, you could feel like you’re spinning in a beautiful whirlwind. Romance, laughter, and magic are all calling your name. Use this week to pursue your desires and embrace pleasure rather than being bogged down by responsibilities or challenges. Choose to live like you’re a rose set on fire.

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