Weekly Horoscope for January 14: Redirect Fear and Redefine Fate!

January 13, 2024

We’re so powerful that we can decide to embrace our potential or passively give it away out of fear or inactivity this week. Pluto, the planet of intense transformation and rebirth, enters humanitarian Aquarius on January 20. This is coincidentally the same day that Aquarius season begins. The call to listen to the truth of our soul will become undeniable. Reverberations of our psyche that were once secretly echoed into a void and left unheard will be released onto the surface. 

While anxiety may cloud our vision at the momentary reveal, it’ll become clear that the only thing we need to fear is fear itself. Let’s take a seat at the table with our spooks. We can patiently show them the truth with our reassurance. As this week progresses, our subconscious can be befriended by our conscious. On the same team as our shadow side, we can live more constructively and empowered. 


I validate my fears while remaining grounded in the clarity of my inner security.


With Pluto entering Aquarius this week, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will be urged to make major transitions in their life.

  • Leo will experience direct, potentially intense, insight regarding the nature of their relationships, asking them to get real about their interpersonal needs.
  • Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, will have their eyes opened via a major shift in their personal life, family, home or reflecting on psychological roots.
  • Aquarius will have a shift in their self-perception and be urged to unapologetically go after the life that’s truly calling their name at a soul level. 



The people you surround yourself with this week have the potential to rapidly charge or quickly drain you, like a psychic battery, Aries. It’s time to get real about your social life when Aquarius season begins and Pluto enters your solar eleventh house of friendships and networks. In your dealings with colleagues, friends, and casual connections, it’ll be all too easy to jump to extremes. Find balance. Jumping to a worst-case scenario can leave you panicked. Instead, opt for observing. Trust your ability to know when envy, paranoia, or fear could be a blindspot for others, limiting their capacity for the support you need. It’s time to change the way you view your social life. Isolation would be unwise, but so is being accessible for everyone at any time.


Money, power, and glory are trying to reach you, Taurus. Can you make yourself available to schedule a meeting this week to discuss further details? If you notice more eyes on you, you can thank Aquarius season and Pluto for entering your solar tenth house of career and public image. Your vocational path will be electrified with voltage, urging you to step into a role in society that truly fulfills your sense of purpose. Not-so-easy questions, such as, “What legacy do I wish to leave behind in my lifetime?” and other existential inquiries, could feel quite urgent to answer. Find time to ponder these questions. The answers will find you in time.


With Pluto entering your solar ninth house of culture, your lifestyle is transforming. What you find to be culturally inspiring or relevant will shift, Gemini. However, paranoia or fears about those who share different backgrounds or beliefs than you may strike. Do not fear something that differs from yourself. On the other hand, you may experience educational turns. A passionate urge to study or learn may spark within you. 


Trust becomes a necessity for your emotional survival starting this week, Cancer. Your solar eighth house of interdependence and deep connections is activated by the Plutonian Aquarius season beginning January 20. Intimacy may be a sore spot at times, given past betrayals. However, do not let paranoia stop you from leaning on others when you can’t stand on your own. It is a human need, not a luxury, to have reliance. When you can trust someone to handle your dollars, at some point, you can trust them to trust your hundreds. Give others a chance to hold what you find valuable within reasonable limits.


Do you believe all is fair in love and war, Leo? Your solar seventh house of relationships is highlighted this week by fresh Plutonian intensity. Within relationships, you will start to see more clearly, like a detective. In a positive light, this psychic sensitivity allows you to use your magnifying lens to perceive the needs of others with precision to deliver transformative transparency and care. However, if too much obsession sets in, there can be consequences. Be mindful to respect privacy, boundaries, and healthy independence, and hold others to the same standard. Codependence doesn’t sustain love. Two healthy individuals holding hands, not out of need but of desire, do. 


Your psychic sensitivity towards the help others need, consciously or not, will be heightened. Virgo energy is typically very familiar with being of service to others, but the Plutonian intensity will bring about a need to remain grounded. Crisis situations for those around you may bring a sense of urgency to take action. To remain level-headed, be sure to tend to your own emotional needs and body, including your diet, routines, fitness, and overall health. Avoid going to extremes this week. Find a way to help others without sacrificing the shirt off your back that you need. On the other hand, do not fear extending a hand to help someone who’s drowning when you can ensure you’re footed safely on land. 


The fans of passion can either warm your soul or scorch your ego this week. This week’s Plutonian intensity will activate your solar fifth house of romance, sexuality, creativity, and talent. Libra, we all know that you love love. However, be sure to keep your romantic interest at the level of sincerity, investment, and loyalty. Becoming so tunnel-visioned a lover can lead to blurred lines between the reality of the darkness of the journey versus the perceived light at the end of the tunnel. Avoid smothering, overthinking, or obsession. What will be, will be. When in doubt, refocus that energy on hobbies that bring you joy and let it breathe.


Your planetary ruler is making demanding shifts this week in your personal life, Scorpio. Your solar fourth house of home, roots, and family will be charged with intensity from Pluto this week. If there have been household secrets or dramas swept under the table, this week may fan the flames back to the surface to put the fire out thoroughly. During this time, it may feel like you desperately need a new feeling of home, comfort, familiarity, or nurturance. When you look in the mirror, you may see a familiar gaze of your inner child. Be sure to make a safe space for your past self to reveal itself. Psychological gold can be found, transmuting pain and suffering into power and drive.


It’s not always what you say but how you say it. This week, Pluto will be bringing a major shift to your solar third house of communication, Sagittarius. In terms of speaking and listening to others, you may notice that there is more serious energy and tones in the air. Whether things are genuinely intensified by external circumstances or it’s in your head, it’ll all feel all the same. Avoid extremes. Overthinking, overanalyzing, and pushing too much communication can be just as confusing as not speaking your mind or seeking solutions at all. When in doubt, ask for clarification rather than boldly assuming. Be there for siblings, cousins, aunts, or uncles as well — your solar third house may activate them needing your support.


Sometimes, money is power, and sometimes, it’s our downfall. Transformative Pluto enters your solar second house of finances, possessions, and self-worth this week, Capricorn. When you know what you’re worth, you’re far more likely to advocate for the resources you need. As the days progress, don’t settle for less than what you know you deserve. Avoiding extremes, find a balanced approach with how you can set appropriate boundaries and hold tolerance for everyone.


Pluto is shifting the foundation of your life, or your solar first house of identity and life path aims this week, Aquarius. Pluto brings intensity but with the end goal of life-changing transformation in mind. Your personal empowerment will begin to skyrocket as the days progress. So long as you know yourself and observe yourself objectively from time to time, you can make the shifts your soul needs. Your heightened intuitive sensitivities will bring messages to your consciousness if you only listen. It’s no longer time to downplay yourself, your life, or your potential.


Pluto enters your solar twelfth house of intuition this week, and your perception will begin to shift, Pisces. As you become clear of your emotional and spiritual needs, be sure to provide yourself ample time in solitude to process these revelations. Your downfall may be trying to help save others from something they don’t want to be saved from, Pisces. This Plutonian activation will remind you that to make fulfilling changes in the lives of others, we must first start with ourselves. Tend to your inner visionary or artist this week. When you cannot make sense of your circumstances with your rational mind, trust that you can connect a higher source with the clarity you seek to guide you.