Weekly Horoscope January 15: Stand Confidently Before Proceeding

January 15, 2023

While the onset of 2023 has been relatively slow, encouraging us to peer back and reflect on what came before, this week announces from the heavens that we are slowly but surely turning the tides forward once again. We’ll feel a stagnant energy and stillness take hold mid-week as Mercury retrograde ends on January 18, and the sun unites in an intense conjunction with powerhouse Pluto. This is a profound moment to gather our wits and momentarily stand and look into our past and the shadows within before we truly embark toward the light. A new moon in Aquarius dawns on the twenty-first and is the most important moment of the week, as it ushers forth an opportunity to connect with others, feel at one with a tribe, and pursue our heart’s greatest hopes and dreams. 


I will stand firmly as I release and honor the past. I am worthy of achieving my greatest desires.


The week ahead spotlights three zodiac signs, most notably: Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius. Luckily, the energy is finally moving in a more positive direction for these three after having experienced great whiplash in recent weeks and months. With the end of Mercury retrograde mid-week, Gemini and Virgo will rejoice now that their planetary ruler is no longer asleep in the heavens above. Now that our cosmic messenger will proceed again, fewer challenges and delays will affect these two sweet zodiac signs. Aquarius will celebrate this week, too, as the arrival of their birthday season appears on the twentieth. Also, with a new moon falling in their zodiac sign on the twenty-first, a whole new chapter lies before them. They will be able to pursue what makes them happiest.



It’s time to pursue euphoric joy as your top priority, Aries. This week’s new moon energizes your solar eleventh house of aspirations, hopes, and dreams. You may have an excellent opportunity to pursue a heartfelt vision now. The key to connecting with your network and friends and seeing who can help you strategize and guide you in the right direction. Reach out to people now.


Ascend the throne, Taurus. This week’s new moon will bring shockwaves to your professional life. The new moon will help you to leave a profound impact because of its interaction with Jupiter and Pluto. It’s time to map out your career strategy for the entire year ahead. Don’t rest on your laurels. Soar higher like a phoenix in the night. You are ready to be known as the royalty that you are.


Open your mind and spirit to a whole new adventure this week, Gemini. This week’s new moon will invigorate your solar ninth house expansion, encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace your innate curiosity about people, culture, and the world. Now would be a great moment to consider any long-distance travel you’d like to do in the year to come. Deals on flights and hotels could pop up like treasures from a loving universe.


Intimacy is the name of the game this week, Cancer. Luckily, with a new moon smiling over at you from across the sky in your solar eighth house of trust and sexuality, you could be snuggling in closer with your sweetheart. Another way this lunation could affect you, though, is by helping you to increase your wealth through your partner’s income, investments, or assets. Think prosperously!


Dance with a soulmate this week, Leo. The new moon will dance across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnerships, helping you to unite more closely. This could bring a decision to move in, get engaged, or even soon-to-be-wed. However, if you’re not in alignment, you may decide to go your separate ways. No matter what you choose, be focused on living your truth and following your heart.


Pick up the pace, Virgo. It’s time to get productive! This week’s new moon highlights your solar sixth house of routines, responsibilities, and employment. You may now have an opportunity to pick up new work on the job or even attract a lucrative client or new employer instead. Another way this may affect you is by helping you to improve your physical health by turning your attention to your fitness regimen and diet.


Let your heart erupt like a supernova this week, Libra. A new moon in your solar sector of romance, fertility, and passion will erupt like a thousand shooting stars streaking across an endless night. This is the most important period of the year for singles to line up dates with prospective suitors. Someone fascinating and unique could fan the flames within your heart. If you are looking to pursue pregnancy or adopt a child, the stars are now aligned.


Assess your roots this week, Scorpio. A new moon in your solar sector of domesticity, home, and family will ignite and give you a chance for a fresh start. This lunation may propel you to make a decision about relocating, renovating, or redecorating your living space. Another beautiful way of tapping into this energy is to have a gathering with friends and family and reminisce about the good old days with your kindred.


Ideas are bursting from your mind like seeds in spring, Sagittarius. This week’s new moon energizes your solar third house of communication and short-distance travel, helping you to stimulate your mind and advance your intellect. An important contract may even come your way soon, too, so keep your mind and goals sharp as you review where you’ve been and where you’d like to go. The energy will invigorate and inspire you!


Your nest egg is about to grow even more, Capricorn. This week’s new moon will highlight your solar second house of income and could bring many ways for you to monetize or expand your wealth. A new job offer, lucrative client, side hustle, or raise may be offered from a loving universe. Be sure to understand your budget and keep a firm handle on your savings.


Step into the center of the ring this week, Aquarius. A new moon in your solar first house of identity — your zodiac sign — arrives like a thousand angels welcoming you to heaven. This is the most important lunation of the year to initiate new plans and launch endeavors. Know that what you plant now will set the tone not only for the coming six months but the entire year ahead, too.


Rest and recharge as you find stillness this week, Pisces. This week’s new moon will coax you to lie low and reflect on everything you’ve experienced in the year past. This would be a fantastic time to assess your health — especially your mental health — and find ways of letting go of any baggage weighing on your heart and soul. Your dreams are also likely to become especially intense, so listen to their intuitive messages.

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