Weekly Horoscope for January 22: Direct Motion in the Heavens

January 22, 2023

Whenever we peer up into the heavens, we see a million brilliant lights shining their radiance from afar. In our solar system, we watch the planets and luminaries dance in harmony back and forth across the tapestry of the skies. As soon as Uranus returns to direct motion on January 22, all of our planets in the solar system will be awake in the heavens. This is an extremely important announcement from the universe that after a tremendously long time, we are ready to race forward toward our greatest hopes, dreams, and endeavors. While we’ll still be dealing with some post-shadow energy, as the planets regain speed — especially mighty Mars that suffered a tumultuous retrograde for months on end — know that you’re being given a cosmic green light to advance forward as quickly as you’d like. Luck and opportunity are once again on your side.


I am awake. I am alive. I am filled with the fire to create change in my life as I see fit.


This week, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio will most enjoy the reawakening of electric Uranus in the heavens above. Uranus, the planet of revolution, chaos, and change, has been orbiting in the fields of Taurus since 2018 and is ready to help these particular zodiac signs evolve even more. For Taureans, they will once again have fewer impediments to their progress and success, especially in regard to living their truth and pursuing freedom and expression. Lions will now see their professional lives regain momentum as well as opportunities to make a unique but profound impact in their careers. Scorpions, who have been staring at Uranus from across the sky for so very long, will now feel growth and development around their relationships.    



The fire of life is once again coursing through your veins, Aries. As mighty Mars, your planetary ruler, continues to regain his strength and speed, you’re feeling energy in ways you haven’t in many long months. With him surging through your solar third house, you’ll have more power and impact in regard to communication-related projects. You may also now begin to travel and bound around a bit more in the months ahead.


Money matters will become an even bigger focus for you, Taurus. Mighty Mars, the red planet of energy, is once again picking up the pace in your solar second house of finances. While this could have you spending more money on big-ticket items, it can also give you the drive and power to amplify your wealth. If out of work, look for a new job with a fabulous salary that will respect your talents and time.


Look in the mirror and pat yourself on the back, Gemini. You made it through the most challenging transit you’ve seen in years as mighty Mars now continues to regain his potency in your zodiac sign. This means that while you’ve likely felt extreme exhaustion and faced delays and obstacles that never seemed to end, you’re now roaring back to life and can conquer anything and anyone in your path.


Prepare to get busy behind the scenes, Cancer. With mighty Mars, our red planet of action and activity, regaining strength in your solar twelfth house of privacy, it’s likely that you’re back to business and hard at work developing projects away from prying eyes. If the project had spun off the tracks or faced endless delays, you’re likely to see progress once again. Hop to it and know you can use this time to your greatest advantage.


Reach for the stars this week, Leo. Mighty Mars, the red planet of passion and power, is once again sizzling through your solar eleventh house. This means that you’re likely to notice a surge of popularity within your social circle and your network. This is a great time to align with the right people who can guide you to reach some of your heart’s wildest and most wondrous hopes and dreams.


Set those professional benchmarks, Virgo. After facing so much turbulence in your career, mighty Mars is once again charging through your solar tenth house of achievement. This will empower you with the strength to reach higher in your career and tackle large-scale projects. If you’d like to look for a competitive job or pursue an award, now is the time to strike. Aim for victory and know it can be yours.


Pull up your calendar and start daydreaming about where you’d like to vacation in the year ahead, Libra. Now that mighty Mars, the red planet of passion and activity, is regaining speed in your solar ninth house of expansion, you may have more opportunities in the months ahead to soar off to exotic or unique locales. Don’t let this energy go to waste because you could find that these experiences become the best that you’ve ever had.


Sex and passion could be sizzling like a roaring fire for you now, Scorpio. As your planetary co-ruler, mighty Mars, begins to regain potency in your solar eighth house, you could find more synergy in union and intimacy. This is an excellent time to get up close and personal with your sweetheart, so don’t let this feisty and ferocious energy go to waste!


Major turning points and decisions in relationships are here for you, Sagittarius. As mighty Mars, the planet of passion, once again regains speed across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnership, you could be making long-term plans as a team with a significant other. However, if you’ve seen frustrations and tension in recent months and know you’re not aligned, it’s time to go your separate ways and find someone better.


Your calendar is erupting with projects, plans, and priorities, Capricorn. Now that mighty Mars, the planet of activity, is picking up the pace in your solar sixth house of productivity, you’re likely feeling like you have a million irons in the fire. You thrive when you’re busy, so this pace of life is a welcome change compared to the exhaustion and stagnant energy you experienced in the past few weeks and months.


Passion and pleasure are knocking on your door, Aquarius. As mighty Mars, the planet of sex and energy, regains speed in your solar fifth house, you’re ready to have fun and embrace life to the fullest. This is a major period for singles looking for romance and love to put themselves out there and meet up with as many prospective suitors as possible. Someone could ignite a flame within your heart!


Big decisions around your domestic life could be arriving for you, Pisces. This is because mental Mercury, our planet of action and drive, will be regaining speed in your solar fourth house. You may soon be very busy with a renovation or relocation. However, if there’s feisty energy with your family, approach situations with tact and grace. They will work out much better for you if you do.

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