Weekly Horoscope for January 7: Dare to See.

January 6, 2024

A gradual, steady buildup toward the dawn of a new emotional beginning will elicit profound hope as this week progresses. In a cloak of shadowy mystery, the new moon in down-to-earth Capricorn will illuminate the night sky on January 11. Efficiency and emotions are usually at odds. However, making sense and rationale out of how we feel will be the spiritual task at hand. 

Karmic obligations are welded off with our searingly sharp ability to make responsible, experienced decisions. No longer are we dragging a ball and chain. On the thirteenth, intellectual Mercury will join the realm of practical Capricorn, adding to the mind-over-matter energetic blueprint. Acknowledging the part of ourselves and others that deserve respect will go a long way. Sacrifice what you thought you wanted. Go for what you need.


I trust and validate my discernment to see tough situations as they are, allowing me to stay grounded and in control.


With the new moon in Capricorn this week, Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn will experience highlighted growth. 

  • Grounded, reliable insights regarding the career life, purpose, and public image for Aries saves the day. When this fire sign gains clarity, they can strike while the iron is hot to utilize the energy and create great far-reaching opportunities. 
  • Cancer will feel their heart yearning to focus on their relationships. Existing connections can deepen in trust or commitment, or new and fateful people may enter their world. 
  • Capricorn will come to better understand themselves: who they are and the life they wish to lead. Trusting themselves will be key to enduring success.



If you are faced with decisions between short-term satisfaction versus long-term gain this week, make choices with the foresight of where you want to be years from now. Your success will directly correlate to your willingness to prioritize emotional intelligence and resilience. Aries, you are known for your natural leadership. You call people out of the shadows out of self-doubt to embrace the bright light of authenticity just by being yourself. When you help those less sure of themselves succeed, your karmic payback will come back tenfold. New work opportunities are to be expected, or events that bring you closer to your sense of fulfillment and purpose. Your solar tenth house of career and public image is activated, so be sure to step into the spotlight if you get the chance.


Sometimes, you don’t have to explain to others what you know is right for you; you just need to follow your gut instinct, Taurus. Your solar ninth house of moral justness, philosophy, and travel will experience divine renewal in this lunation. This is the time to quite literally book a trip or, metaphorically, pack a bag of your belongings and walk into unknown territory that excites you. Remember, when you are locationally or figuratively away from home, you can always bring pieces of it that keep you grounded in familiarity. Make decisions that align with your moral code and walk into new lands. Know that you can still bring along pieces of yourself. Not everything has to change overnight to feel meaningful or true. 


All work and no play leads to a dull life, doesn’t it, Gemini? If anyone knows how to keep things exciting and unpredictable, it’s you, with your mutable air sign curiosity. You like to go with the flow, like a gentle breeze that occasionally turns into a mighty gust just to experience new ways of navigating the world. However, life’s responsibilities have been taking most of your attention. Simply put, you may feel boredom or apathy. This week, the new moon sparks a flame in you to shake up your routine. Try new fitness or health habits, opt for the scenic route, and find pockets of time throughout your work day to daydream between monotonous tasks. New beginnings in your daily life will bring you hope. Restructuring and reorganizing can soothe your restlessness.


They often say that home is not a place; it’s a feeling or people who create a sense of safety for you. And Cancer, you may be feeling homesick. It’s time to reveal the soft body within that tough crab shell this week. With this lunation activating your solar seventh house of relationships, love is in the air. If you are guarded, you’ll miss a prime opportunity to connect with care. However, if you can be open and receptive to vulnerability, you will meet others with depth. This week’s Capricorn new moon will bring you new beginnings in deepening commitments, relationship insights, and connecting with others. It could also be a time when new, fated people walk into your life. 


When you give, the universe will always ensure that you receive threefold in the future, even if from another avenue than initially expected. This week, the impending new moon activates your solar sixth house or your inner giver, helper, and volunteer, Leo. Cleanse yourself of more yearning and longing, and become present in your footing. Help yourself by anticipating providing support for others. In the long run, giving will ensure that more of what you need can flow your way. The earth-based energy of this lunar event will grow roots from your feet, down through the soil, and bring you back down to Earth, asking, “What is the point of getting what you need if you cannot share the experience of relief with others?”


Soften your heart so that love has a space to pour in, Virgo. Your solar fifth house will be illuminated this week as the new moon brings in a grounded, practical approach to how to love and be loved. Play, laugh, create, indulge, and reconnect to the essence of joy. Opportunities will appear right before your eyes. People aren’t perfect; therefore, relationships could never be perfect. Be a playmate with those you love, learning as you fall and trip over life and laugh at your silliness. Being overly analytical or expectant can be a defense mechanism. Some mistakes can be endearing. Open yourself to new lovers or deepening gratitude for existing partnerships and friendships. You deserve excitement and stability. 


Comforting, fresh experiences in your personal life that connect you to home or loved ones will nurture you by the end of this week, Libra. As the days leading up progress, your solar fourth house of domestic matters, family, and psychological roots is shifting. You may feel the strings of nostalgia tugging on your heart to look backward. Honor the past. But remember to keep looking forward. What once felt familiar and comforting may now feel outdated. Swap for a more current and appropriate sense of grounding.  


Sometimes feelings feel like they will never find resolution or make sense, Scorpio. And yet, at some point, they begin to fade into memories, thoughts, or detached observations. As the week progresses, your mind goes from scattered focus and stimulation to concrete decisions, plans or a concentration. As your solar third house of intellect is activated this Capricorn new moon, the energy of your emotions travel out of your heart space and into your headspace, to be transmuted into mindfulness. You have felt all there is to feel for now. Now, it is time to allow your wit, opinion or experience to navigate the situation over your desire.


Your sense of self-worth can be clearly defined when you consider how you’d like someone you care for to be treated. If a friend told you a story where you’ve tolerated disrespect or devaluing, how would they react? This Capricorn new moon this week will ask you to bet your money on yourself. Maybe you’ll find it is time to invest in yourself, add to your savings, set firmer boundaries, or have a conversation about values with others in your life. Regardless of the specific action or reaction, the intention to self-affirm is necessary. Demand you’re met at the level of your worth, and everything else can fall into place.


This week can be your chance to rise to the occasion yourself, or it can become a distraction by entertaining someone else. However, it’d be a shame to let such a positive, energetic activation waste by avoiding sitting with yourself. This Capricorn new moon will allow you to see clearly who you are and what you need in a way you haven’t felt for a while. The only person who knows who you are is you. You know who you are by who you wish to become. A week full of new beginnings and emotional rebirth is due. The blessings and opportunities are pretty much endless as long as you are willing to claim the life path that is rightfully yours.


Although a new moon is typically a time of new emotional beginnings, this one will be tied with a long-overdue ending for Aquarius. You have felt chained to your past, dragging it along in your present everyday life, maybe even subconsciously. This week, you are freed from the karmic obligation. Although some heavy feelings may come up, allow yourself to let go and thank the Universe for freeing you from outdated grief. Your solar twelfth house of the past is activated. Find the peace that no matter how much it may feel in your body, you’re going backward; you’re still rooted in your current reality if you only focus on your feet.


Your eleventh house of social networks and future aims is activated this new moon, making this week about your progress, Pisces. When you think of where you want to be a year from now, think of the person you would have to become. How do they act? What is their daily life like? What daily routines do they have? Then, surround yourself with people, even if only through the internet or content, who live or dream of the same reality as you. This new moon will yield new beginnings in friendships, networking, connections, and a clearer definition of the life you are growing into.