Weekly Horoscope for June 11: Time to Multitask!

June 10, 2023

A week filled with many planetary shifts lies ahead. Pluto, the planet of transformation, will once again return on a retrograde to the mountaintops of Capricorn beginning June 11. Mercury, our cosmic messenger, will soar into Gemini on this same day, too. At the end of the week, mighty Saturn, the Great Taskmaster, also stations retrograde in the deep seas of Pisces. With so much planetary activity taking place, we’ll notice a slightly more reflective energy beginning to take hold. Sweet Venus, our goddess of romance and attraction, will bring a lovely vibe to the onset and end of the week, so be sure to look your best, live in the moment, and prepare to connect with others and socialize.


I approach life with a sense of gratitude and trust.


This week, Aries, Leo, and Libra will feel especially joyous when paying attention to their personal lives. This will be due to the fact that both Venus, the goddess planet of beauty and pleasure, and mighty Mars, the planet of sex and passion, will be dancing through the royal kingdoms of Leo. For Aries, they will be in the mood for love and have an excellent chance of finding someone who aligns with their desires. Leos will feel like they’re the main event — even more than usual—as they radiate effortlessly and can magnetically attract good fortune to themselves. Last, Libras will be especially busy with their social lives and have luck on their side to meet many magnificent new people.



Get ready for explosive fun, Aries. You’re ready to let your freak flag fly as you pursue your heart’s desires! With mighty Mars, the planet of sex and desire, charging through your solar fifth house of pleasure, dating, and true love, you’re on fire. This is one of the most significant periods for singles to find someone new. If you are already in a relationship, use this energy to reignite the scintillating spark before the two of you! 


Your sensitivity and emotions could be a bit fired up, as you’re reflecting on the past and situations that forged you into who you are, Taurus. Domestic matters are also on the top of your mind at this time. As mighty Mars sizzles within your solar fourth house of home and family, you may be very busy moving, renovating, or relocating. This would be a great time to rally your family to a cause if you need to.


Prepare for your mind to be cranking even more than usual with exhilarating ideas, Gemini. As mighty Mars, the planet of action and energy, stampedes proudly through your solar third house of communication, you are likely hard at work on a significant writing, speaking, advertising, or social media project. You may also be handling very important intellectual endeavors near this time, whether in the form of learning or teaching. A contract could even be on the table.


Money is a big theme for you at this time, Cancer. You may be focusing on big-ticket items or paying significant receipts. As mighty Mars roars through your solar second house of finances, you’re likely spending money like you’re tossing it into a whirlwind! On a positive note, this enthusiasm may propel you to switch jobs, make more income, or prove to your boss that you’re ready for a raise.


Summon the power of the heavens; you’re filled with lightning, Leo. As mighty Mars, the planet of passion, drive, energy, and sex, roars through your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — you’re ready to steamroll over everyone. You know you can get whatever it is that you desire. With this fiery strength behind you, you’re the unstoppable force. Focus on launching big projects and plans now.


You’re feeling a bit disconnected from the world at this time, Virgo. Don’t let yourself feel too stir-crazy. Mighty Mars, the planet of energy, action, and drive, is slithering in silence within your solar twelfth house. You may be especially busy handling all the details of a major endeavor or project behind-the-scenes. You may need this time for development, brainstorming, and getting all your ducks in a row. Keep focused, and soon you’ll be ready to debut before the world.


You’re the ringleader in the center of the circus this week, Libra. As mighty Mars, the planet of energy and activity, charges like a chariot through your solar eleventh house of friendships and acquaintances, all eyes are on you. You’re ready to be the perfect organizer for friends, communities, and gatherings. If you’d like to spice it up, meet new people, and network, this is an auspicious period to do so.


Climb the professional ladder now, Scorpio. You have major momentum at this time. As mighty Mars, the planet of action and energy, sizzles with strength in your solar tenth house of achievement, you’re packing the heat. You could now be up for a promotion, favorable press, or another significant milestone. Don’t just let it come to you, though. Aim for it and tackle your goals.


It’s time to think outside the box and get curious about the world, Sagittarius. As mighty Mars, the planet of energy, darts through the heights of your solar ninth house of expansion, you’re like a roaring rocket into space. This is an ideal period to explore people, places, ideas, and venues. You’re always courageous and confident. So, lean into these traits, and you’ll be happier than ever.


Don’t let your finances erupt at this time, Capricorn. You may now be spending large chunks of money on big tickets or purchases. Mighty Mars is cooking up a storm in your solar eighth house of investments and assets. If you need to apply for a loan, venture capital, credit card line, or even a mortgage, you’re extremely in luck. Meet with an advisor and see the rates.


As the stars are turning, you’re focused on one thing only, Aquarius: partnership! As mighty Mars, the planet of energy and activity, roars to life in your solar seventh house of union, you’re able to make major progress with someone at your side. Whether it’s in business, collaboration, or love, you can each bring the necessary insight and focus to knock out all of your goals as a team.


You may feel like your life is a racehorse charging in every direction right now, Pisces. You’re in the fast lane now! As mighty Mars, the planet of action, pioneers through your solar sixth house of productivity, you’re firing on all cylinders! This could see you especially busy on projects for your employer, taking on more responsibility and juggling many responsibilities. Be sure to do your best not to burn yourself out.