Weekly Horoscope for June 23: The Ticking of the Clock.

June 22, 2024

The clock keeps ticking. The minutes become hours, hours become days, and days become weeks. Before we know it, months have passed. Years are under our belt into adulthood. We have to confront who we are and what we have invested our life into. Due to the linear, strict nature of time, we have to be okay with where our focus ends up taking us.

This week, Pisces Saturn stations retrograde on June 29. The timekeeping planet will look us up and down with compassionate authority. What do we factually need in order to spiritually progress? Our maturity will be tested. Our priorities, too. When we put our time and energy into what fuels our soul, we grow. When we don’t, the latter occurs. We’ll see where we are going strong, where we have more work to do. Saturn’s judgment doesn’t condemn. It simply reveals. No if’s, and’s, or but’s, to it. 


I reclaim the power of my time and forge my days into the image of my ideal future.


Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces will feel the pull to introspect most this week.

Capricorn and Aquarius will walk into spiritual tests, challenging their direction, as their planetary ruler, Saturn, stations retrograde.

Pisces finds that they will need to surrender to divine timing this week, as Saturn stations retrograde in their sign.



Pisces Saturn stations retrograde this week, pausing and reversing time, Aries. Spiritual tests arise around accountability in your subconscious sector. This week, expect familiar self-limiting patterns to arise again. It’s one thing to know your Achilles heel. It’s another thing to remove yourself from situations where temptations arise. Keep your eye on the prize in the distance. It may be a walk away, but it is yours when you arrive. Ignore any fear telling you that you need to settle for less.  


This week, Pisces Saturn stations retrograde, Taurus. You feel the urge to merge and become one within your social life sector. When a friend has a good idea for a plan, you want to swiftly join in. When a coworker needs support, you feel yourself leaping to the rescue. However, the spiritual lessons of Saturn are bringing up self-defeating patterns in how you relate to others.  The power is in the pause. How can you be there for others while maintaining your long-term goals and needs?


Pisces Saturn stations retrograde and introspection calls your name. Gemini, your current desire to merge and become at one with your career is tested. You must define healthy boundaries between who you are and what you offer the world. When you dive all in with purpose, you must maintain integrity, efficiency, and long-term vision. Are you going to be able to accomplish everything you hope to if you drive yourself into burnout? The answer is no. Saturn will keep you accountable to take authority of your efforts. Don’t allow yourself to be assigned a prescribed life externally. Revisit the vision board yourself.


Pisces Saturn stations retrograde, Cancer. Spiritual tests resurface to see if you’ve learned how to separate yourself from a hive mindset. It’s one thing to know what you believe in. It’s another thing to assert and take action when your morals are being compromised. You may find yourself being agreeable when you should really draw a line this week. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what’s right. Otherwise, you risk being associated with the wrong ideas.


This week, you’re challenged to identify your role in intimacy, Leo. You’ve desired to blend into one with others, whether it’s in terms of business or interpersonal connection. It’s important to maintain harmony. However, in this act of merging, you may have forgotten individual needs. Are you truly okay with going with the flow another has in mind for you? Or are you afraid that disagreements would take something valuable away from you? Saturn retrograde reminds you to remain accountable to manifesting your long-term success, on your own terms. 


Saturn Pisces stations retrograde this week. Virgo, your relationship sector will be tested. Don’t panic as disagreements arise. This is your opportunity to prove to yourself, others, and the universe of your growth in interpersonal connections. Healing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. As you proactively grow with your loved ones, you find authentic results that can stand the test of time. In order to get your needs met, look at the mirroring occurring in your partnerships. Who have you committed to? Why? What does that say about you? How can you get back to original agreements when life seems to distract you from shared values?


This week, Pisces Saturn stations retrograde in your daily life sector. You can only sign yourself up for so many tasks until burnout humbles you, Libra. Does this sound familiar? Are you feeling the weight of how much time your life is demanding from you? It’s time to ace the spiritual test arising. Here’s your cheat sheet for the best grade: Do less. Work smarter, not harder. Find out what the difference is between a true responsibility and a false feeling of obligation. Reclaim your minutes, as they become your hours, days, weeks, life. 


Sometimes, we get in the way of our own happiness. We crave joy, but find every reason that we don’t deserve it. We know hobbies that make us feel better, but we find excuses as to why we cannot make time for them. This week, Pisces Saturn stations retrograde. The spiritual test at play for you, Scorpio, is quite simple. Will you allow yourself to feel good with what you’ve got? Will you continue to find problems to solve, or will you just be present with the fulfillment in front of your face? When you choose growth, romance, creativity, and sensuality blossom. 


This week, Pisces Saturn stations retrograde. It becomes clear that your family is going to remain your family. Your loved ones are who they are. Your upbringing was what it was. However, you have full agency over your own fate. Your upbringing is only a chapter, your relatives only related by blood, and your psychology can be shifted with appropriate inner work. Sagittarius, it’s time to let go of what is out of your control and focus on what is. When you do so, you pass the spiritual test. Responsibility, accountability, and boundaries put you back in the driver’s seat. Break the generational curses. 


This week, it’s important to remain observant. Pisces saturn stations retrograde in your communication sector. The more you lean back and listen, the more successful you will feel in problem solving. The more you try to assert yourself and your opinions, the more you’ll feel misunderstood. Validating your beliefs comes from conscious decision making. Choose to share with those you know are seeking to get you. The more you try to explain yourself to people intent on twisting your words, the more frustrated you get. Saturn wants to ensure you’ve learned this profound spiritual lesson.


Pisces Saturn stations retrograde in your resourcefulness sector. Saturn wants to ensure that you’ve learned spiritual lessons and have embraced growth. While it’s tempting to say you aren’t equipped to ensure your needs are met, this excuse won’t fly this week. Do you need financial support? Request a raise, budget, ask for support, or get creative. Do you need tools? Ask to borrow from a friend. Don’t know how to go after what you need? Look for expert advice, talk to someone experienced, or find information online. This is your time to take the practical trajectory of events into your own hands. Get focused. You’ve got this. 


Saturn stations retrograde in your sign, Pisces. Therefore, this week is all about passing spiritual tests. To show the Universe that you have learned to humbly surrender to what is beyond your control requires practical action. Focus on what is in front of you, in your control.Give it your all. This practice allows closed doors to open. Don’t dwell on what keeps escaping you. Focus on handling the abundant opportunities to showcase accountability already in your grasp. When you take the first steps, Saturn will carry you on the final lap.