Weekly Horoscope for June 4: Organize to Find Power.

June 3, 2023

A week filled with some ups and downs is upon us. At the onset, challenging energy will need to be navigated, bringing shocking twists of fate and power struggles to our lives and relationships. The most difficult day of the week will likely be June 5, as sweet Venus, our goddess of love and beauty, stands opposite mighty Pluto, the planet of domination, oppression, and intensity. With Venus in Leo and Pluto in Aquarius, relationships with lovers, friends, and enemies will be especially affected. The best thing to do is to not stir the pot and lie low rather than engage in emotional warfare. If someone is out to push your buttons and boundaries, find a way to stand on higher ground.


I will not succumb to dark energy. I will be a force of light and renewal.


When it comes to the zodiac signs that will have the most difficulty navigating, they will be Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. As these three zodiac signs are fixed signs, they will feel the Venus-Pluto opposition, especially potently, as they are pushed and pulled from many different areas of their lives. Leos will likely face intense friction in significant partnerships, perhaps even a “make or break” ultimatum. Scorpios will experience great challenges as their home life and professional realm are at war with one another. Last, Aquarians will face sharp conflict around partnerships, too, but may end up being the more dramatic one of the two, as they ultimately dominate and lash out at their lover.



You’ve been feeling big changes in your life, particularly around long-term goals and aspirations, Aries. This is because powerhouse Pluto is giving you a taste of his energy within your solar eleventh house of friendships, communities, and online dating. Unique and powerful people are likely surrounding you now. Last, you could be revolutionizing yourself from outdated hopes and dreams moving forward. Streamline your goals to transform your life.


You may now be rising higher than ever before in power, fame, or glory, especially if you’ve always sought to become a leader, Taurus. A significant taste of newfound energy is radically transforming your life. The mighty power of Pluto is briefly orbiting in your solar tenth house of achievement. You may now be experiencing profound rebirths in regard to your ambitions, goals, and plans.


If you would like to make long-distance travel a greater part of your life, start to brainstorm ways to do so, Gemini. The cosmos are cooking up big changes for you in the years to come. Mighty Pluto is encouraging you to pursue new horizons and radically push out of your comfort zone. As he shivers briefly into your solar ninth house of expansion, you may be ready to transform your perspective of reality and amass significant wisdom.


The roaring truth of your relationships cannot be hidden anymore, Cancer. Powerhouse Pluto, the planet of intensity and rebirth, is now orbiting in the early degrees of your solar eighth house. If you have experienced traumas around trust, vulnerability, and sex, you may now be figuring out how to turn that pain into power and heal more than ever before. It is also teaching you to heal those wounds by digging deep into the shadows in order to emerge like a phoenix.


Prepare to begin a deeply karmic cycle around your partnerships and relationships, Leo. Powerhouse Pluto in the early degrees across the sky from you in your solar seventh house is giving you a taste of what’s in store. He is giving you the ability to transform and release negative patterns and be reborn like a phoenix. Another way this may affect you is by bringing twin flame connections before you to mirror you and teach you life lessons.


2023 is bringing even more evolution to your life, particularly around karmic lessons in your health, Virgo. Powerhouse Pluto is now orbiting in your solar sixth house of productivity and physical health. You will inevitably evolve around these core themes, whether it is around employment, fitness, or diet. On the one hand, you can radically revolutionize yourself from challenges in these areas.


You may see radical ups and downs — perhaps even trauma and karma — around true love, romance, fertility, or dating, Libra. New intensity is dancing through the heavens as the stars align. Powerhouse Pluto’s life lessons are now being directed briefly at your solar fifth house of passion. However, if you’ve been haunted by baggage around matters of the heart, you may soon be able to soar like the phoenix that you are.


You may feel the need to step in for your family or parents or need to consistently move, redecorate, or update your living space, Scorpio. Profound and radical changes are affecting all zodiac signs, but especially you. Powerhouse Pluto, the most intense of all the planets and your celestial ruler, has been orbiting in the early degrees of your solar fourth house of home, family, and domesticity. This has created a major effect where you’ve had exhilarating or traumatic situations that have shifted your destiny around these themes.


Prepare for intense and transformative life lessons around how you connect with others and speak your most important messages to the world, Sagittarius. Powerhouse Pluto is orbiting within the very early degrees of your solar third house of communications. You are likely seeking to express profound and visionary thoughts and ideas. Pluto is also giving you the power to recreate the way you communicate, so don’t be afraid to start over. Use your words to dominate, transform, and enlighten.


You’ve been dealing with radical transformations and rebirths around your sense of self-worth, Capricorn. A deeply karmic cycle is reverberating through your life. This is because powerhouse Pluto, the most intense of all planets, is now orbiting in the early degrees of your solar second house. On the one hand, On the other, you’re being encouraged by the cosmos to truly release financial challenges and build eternal wealth.


You are likely feeling like a phoenix that is ready to burn itself down to rise from the ashes, Aquarius. Your entire life has been going through constant rebirths in recent months. Powerhouse Pluto is orbiting through the early degrees of your solar first house of identity and zodiac sign. This transit will ultimately last decades. Use this energy to release any baggage or negative patterns that are not serving you. Stand in your power and know that you can fly once again.


You are likely dealing with releasing karma, especially around guilt, fears, and anxieties, Pisces. An intense energy is shivering through the nights for you. This is because powerhouse Pluto, the planet of rebirth and transformation, has been screaming into the voids of your solar twelfth house of privacy, secrets, and the unconscious. You may also be focusing on how you can truly heal your mental health and find closure regarding anything that haunts you.