Weekly Horoscope for June 9: Timing a Wild Lion.

June 8, 2024

Sometimes, the most productive thing we can do is pause. Mars, the planet of physical energy, enters Taurus on June 9. In this Venusian-ruled realm, Mars is in detriment. The warrior isn’t sure how he can confidently be his typical, bold self. Venus keeps such a reserved, gentle home. Mars is confused about how to voice his direct and self-assertive urges when the homeowner demands peace and harmony during his visit. He feels as if he’s being tamed from a wild lion into a sleeping housecat.

On a collective level, we feel the need to be diplomatic. Even in moments where boundaries or pushing back could be best for ourselves, there’s an unspoken expectation to keep the peace. Rest charmingly calls our names. Our beds will be all the more difficult to get out of in the morning. Brain fog powers on through mundane tasks. Choose downtime. Maintain workload rather than add on more. That way, you become stronger later while others recover from burnout.


In moments of self-doubt, I slow down and check in with myself. 


Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio need to keep themselves in check this week.

Aries and Scorpio will be taken off guard when their shared planetary ruler, Mars, enters Taurus. Their usual direct approach will need to be swapped out for a more magnetic, relaxed outlook.

Taurus will feel the urge to self-advocate and push back as active Mars enters their sign.



You’re in for a surprise this week. Typically, your assertive, strong aura is much appreciated and allows you to take up more space. However, your leadership skills will be hindered this week. As your planetary ruler, Mars, enters a confusing residence in Taurus, it’s time to think outside the box. While you’re used to getting what you want by being outspoken, see what you can attract when you take on a more passive role. Leaning back doesn’t mean you give up. It simply allows your inner magnetism to do the most of the work for you.


You are known for your calm tendencies, graced with Venusian charm. This week, it’s time to stand your ground, though, Taurus. It’s okay to go against the grain every once in a while. What’s the harm in speaking your mind? When you’re confronted with dilemmas, know your instinctual, visceral reactions hold invaluable knowledge. As much as you want to push your frustrations down for a more convenient time, eventually, steam builds. Your emotional waters are boiling. Let a high-pitched tea kettle ring in the air; enough stewing in silence. Alert and make it known. Your needs are worthy.


Mars enters Taurus this week, where the planet of confrontation stumbles to learn more diplomatic conflict resolution skills. This energetic occurrence happens behind the scenes in your life, Gemini. While everyone may not see your profound emotions, you’re feeling it brew within. If you’re dealing with insomnia, nightmares, or other subconscious triggers, be mindful. These misalignments may arise in order to teach you greater self-compassion and communication with yourself. Be kind to your mind. Allow connection in moments when you’re used to isolating yourself. 


You cannot expect perfect coordination from people, no matter how much you relate. There are always ways in which you disagree, Cancer. So long as your core intentions and values align, the rest can be forgiven. This week, assertive Mars barges into your social life. Mars is confused as he stumbles through the unfamiliar terrain of calm Taurean energy. Disagreements may arise with others, blindsiding you as they flit by in a blur. Where did that come from? Don’t avoid the elephant in the room. Vulnerability and authenticity heal.  


Respect is earned, not given blindly. Leo, this week, assertive Mars takes the spotlight in your solar tenth house of public image. In the workplace, you’ll notice that you’re feeling more driven yet uptight at the same time. You may disagree with bosses or authority figures. If you feel tested by others, disengage. Remain cautious of how your determined energy may rub others the wrong way if you’re driven by impulse. To achieve professional harmony, you’ll have to find the fine line between standing your ground and compromise. 


You’re onto bigger and better things with one term only: Don’t allow guilt to be your guide. As self-oriented Mars enters relationship-oriented Venus, indecision arises, Virgo. What once felt crystal clear is murky and confusing. As your belief and philosophical sector is activated, stick to the basics. What do you believe in? Why? Moral dilemmas likely arise. Give the benefit of the doubt to others while creating boundaries to ensure you’re not sacrificing what matters most to you. 


Mars is confused this week, Libra. He finds himself stumbling into the doorway of Taurus’ home. Here, the rules state he must be less brash and more considerate. This is out of the planet of assertion’s comfort zone. Further, this voyage is occurring in your solar eighth house of inner shadows. In your day-to-day life, your perception heightens. It may surprise you to unravel truths with a simple, intuitive glance. People and situations seem transparent to you right now. You see the deeper motivations in others clearly. Be sure to use this insight for good. Becoming paranoid isn’t necessary when you simply observe without attachment.


This week, you will face suppressed elements of yourself in other people. Your relationship sector is activated by independent Mars hesitantly dredging through interpersonal Taurus. It becomes clear that you do not have enough time and energy to be the version of yourself that others want you to be. All you have is who you are at your core. The more you play up elements of yourself and downplay others, the more forced your interactions will feel. See what sides of yourself come out within each of your connections. How can all versions of you co-exist within and without?


There’s no greater gift than allowing yourself to be imperfectly human, Sagittarius. Grant yourself forgiveness. If you have tried your best and still fell short of high expectations, give yourself another go later on. As motivated Mars is pushed out of its comfort zone in gentle Taurus, soften your hard edges. Your daily habits and work-life sector are active this week. Allow yourself to move slower as you complete your lifestyle tasks, agendas, and vision boards. Slow and steady wins the race.


When in conflict with lovers because you feel misunderstood, just remember how often you have a hard time even understanding yourself. As bold Mars is forced to cool down in subtle Taurus, passive aggressiveness may ensue. Capricorn, remind yourself that despite your best efforts, arguments are inevitable. Even the most ideal of couples or loved ones bicker. Those who make it out together stronger are those who use challenges as an opportunity for growth. Speak your mind directly rather than holding it in. It may save your romantic connections.


Your home is your safe space away from the world, Aquarius. Don’t allow tension to come in with you once you close your door for the day. This week, Mars is challenged to go from uptight to laidback as he travels the realm of Taurus. Your domestic relationships will be asking you to be present rather than itching for things to go your way. Allow your roommates or partner to be more quiet without reading into it. Be okay with your family being a little more aloof. When you let your loved ones feel how they feel without taking it on as your own responsibility, you can find peace and rest in your space.


A simple rule to keep in mind this week will be to validate emotions before motivating others to change. As assertive Mars stumbles into relationship-oriented Venus, our motivations must shift. In order to work with the energy and not against it, it’s appropriate to listen before speaking. Your communication sector will be activated. Seek to find relatability in your community, Pisces. Your local environment has shaped you. Define where, when, why, and how. Reconnect with the language you both speak when passive aggressiveness or impatience arises in relationship dynamics.