Weekly Horoscope for March 17: New Year, New Me.

March 16, 2024

Happy astrological New Year! The sun enters lively Aries on March 19. Spring begins, warming us up for hopeful rejuvenation. Our modern-day Gregorian calendar honors the new year as January 1, during the middle of winter, as energy is at rest. However, for energetic alignment, now is the peak time to plan for yearly fresh starts for our pioneering. 

Following up on the twenty-second, riled-up Mars begins to float and relax into the waters of dreamy Pisces. As Mars typically defends itself, Pisces prefers compassion to diffuse conflict. Welcome collaboration, but halt people pleasing. We’ll start to prioritize love over being right. It’s important to remember that abandoning what’s sacred to our lived experience to accommodate another’s isn’t compassion. It’s self-betrayal.


As I step once toward my higher path, the universe carries me two steps further.


Aries, Scorpio, and Pisces will experience heightened shifts this week.

Aries will feel on top of the world as the sun enters their sign, beginning Aries season.

Scorpio will feel more inclined to rest and slow down as their planetary traditional ruler, Mars, enters dreamy Pisces.

As warrior planet Mars enters their sign, Pisces will feel clearer in their motivations and intentions. 



The world is your oyster, as Aries season begins this week, ushering in the warmth of spring. The astrological new year is here, your peak time to shine. Where were you in life this time last spring? What has changed for the better? For the worse? As you ponder, take action to amplify the greatness and redirect what went wrong. Hopefulness, excitement, courage, and determination will uplift you to higher levels of self-perception and esteem. Mars entering Pisces on the twenty-second may allow you to confront your past with a headstrong determination to release what’s been holding you down. 


The astrological new year arrives this week at the mark of Aries season, ushering in new beginnings and hope on March 19. On the twenty-second, Mars floats into dreamy Pisces, residing in your solar eleventh house of social circles. Uplifting friends, associations, or those who share common goals with you inspire and motivate you towards your future aims, Taurus. However, as headstrong Mars is involved, conflicts in social circles may arise in shadow Piscean themes of dishonesty, deception, or confusion. Allow yourself to observe people’s behavior and compassionately confront what doesn’t align. 


Happy astrological New Year! New beginnings abound as this Aries season begins and marks the start of spring on the nineteenth. On March 22, Mars floats into visionary Pisces and highlights your solar tenth house of career, Gemini. While Mars can be defiant, Pisces wishes for peace. While you navigate workplace or authority challenges, stand your ground while maintaining compassion. You can understand where someone is coming from while maintaining your autonomy, dignity, and self-respect.


The astrological new year arrives on March 19, welcoming the start of spring. Ushering in hope, take the time to set fresh intentions for spring onwards, Cancer. Honor the circle you’ve completed from last spring till now. As you reflect, Mars dances into floaty Pisces on the twenty-second, into your solar ninth house of beliefs. Mars seeks to find straightforward solutions, while Pisces daydreams about the mysteries of life. This week, you may not find the answers you seek, as there’s no correct way to feel or see your situation. Your perception can be fluid enough to take in all ideas while maintaining your morals.


The astrological new year arrives on the nineteenth, marking the start of spring and Aries season. This week, set clear intentions for your year ahead and claim what you desire as if it’s already yours, Leo. As the days progress, on March 22, independent Mars floats into dreamy Pisces. It’ll become clear that your motivations are changing as your transformative solar eighth house is activated. While you may feel indebted to someone or loyalty, conflicts arise if both parties don’t assert their needs. When merging with another, it’s healthy to maintain something for yourself. Even in the closest of relationships or business partnerships, there are gaps of space between holding hands to ensure your identity remains intact. 


Aries season hits March 19, allowing us to celebrate the astrological new year and the start of spring. Jot down your intentions for the year ahead, prioritizing your expansion and trust in your higher self, Virgo. On the twenty-second, the shift of Mars into Pisces strikes a new mood in the air. Your solar seventh house of relationships is activated, making you restless about your connections. If you’d like to bridge the gaps of misunderstandings in conflict, it’s important not to water down your needs. Resentment builds and confuses us and others down the line when we self-sacrifice. In your relationships, focus on the opportunity to share what matters most to you. Welcome others to protect those things alongside you, just as fiercely, to fight together rather than apart.


As we welcome the start of spring and the astrological new year on March 19, Aries season also begins, ushering in pioneering energy. You will feel a sense of rebirth as you reflect on how far you’ve come and how excited you are to move forward, Libra. On the twenty-second, Mars floats into the waters of Pisces in your solar sixth house of responsibility. Lines may blur between what productivity or being of service means based on changing feelings throughout your days. While you want to respect your emotions, prioritize what has to be complete, regardless of your enthusiasm levels. Give yourself slack on what isn’t urgent to accomplish what’s current and necessary. 


Aries season and spring begin on March 19. As you welcome in the astrological new year, be sure to set intentions surrounding your months ahead and what you’d like to accomplish or experience. On the twenty-second, determined Mars enters elusive Pisces into your solar fifth house of romance. You won’t be short on passion, but you may be on self-control and clarity. Is it worth losing yourself in the heat of the moment? Allow this rhetorical question to guide you. Maybe the answer will change moment by moment, situation by situation.


Spring arrives on the nineteenth, and with it comes the Aries season. The astrological new year welcomes you to start anew and get clear on who you are and what kind of year ahead you wish to live, Sagittarius. On March 22, a hot-headed vibe enters the air as Mars floats into Pisces. Your solar fourth house of personal life will be activated. While frustrations may arise in your home life or close relationships, see the true call to action beyond surface-level disagreements. Resentment is optional. The better option is boundaries that respect both parties’ needs. Leave egos at the front door. You don’t need to bring your public personality and protection into your personal safe space.


The astrological new year arrives, ushering in Aries season and the start of spring on the nineteenth. Yay for fresh starts! As you reflect on the months stretching ahead, be realistic in your intentions, Capricorn. On March 22, Mars enters Pisces and activates your solar third house of communication. Mars is very headstrong. Your conversations may come with a hint of seriousness or assertiveness. Continue to take charge of your expression, but be sure it comes with the same loving intention to listen and understand. Otherwise, communication is void and useless. Allow misunderstandings to be a portal for deeper understanding.  


On March 19, this Aries season ushers in, marking the beginning of spring. The astrological new year begins, allowing us to make requests for the months ahead by setting clear expectations and intentions. Claim what you feel should be yours on a soul level, Aquarius. Further, the twenty-second begins Mars’ action-packed journey throughout the sign of Pisces. As this transit hits your solar second house of resources, it’ll become clear where you need to assert your practical needs. Your bills need to get paid, your worth respected, and your values upheld at the end of the day. Be sure to fight for your rights. 


Spring arrives on March 19, at the mark of this Aries season. The astrological new year is here, and it’s asking you to get clear on your 12 months ahead until next spring. Set intentions that feel good and realistic to maintain for utmost success. On the twenty-second, Mars enters your sign. Your self-assertion will be at an all-time high, and this may take some people off guard as you’re usually more agreeable or chilled. Take the time to reflect on who you are and what life you wish to live. Go after it with full conviction and self-permission.