Weekly Horoscope for March 19: Embrace Your Inner Warrior!

March 19, 2023

Prepare for a week with many opportunities for new beginnings! With many planetary ingresses taking place, we’ll feel a surge of momentum in an action-packed week. The stars will begin to turn, emphasizing Aries energy above all others with Mercury’s flight into the zodiac sign of the Ram on March 19, followed by the sun and the arrival of the spring equinox on March 20. A new moon in this zodiac sign appears on March 21, encouraging us to charge into new territory and unleash our confident, inner warriors. Yet, that’s not all. Pluto, the planet of intensity and transformation, forges onward into the skies of Aquarius beginning March 23, followed by Mars and his ingress into Cancer on the twenty-fifth. Above all, the planets are in an agreeable mood in the coming week, so pay attention to your need for adventure and new beginnings and forge onward into the official beginning of the zodiac year!


I am confident. I am powerful. I am the author of my own cosmic tale.


With so much activity taking place in the heavens above, everyone will notice the shifts arriving throughout the entire week! However, the zodiac signs that may notice them most significantly are Aries, Cancer, and Aquarius. Aries will feel a more fast-paced enthusiasm electrify them with the arrival of birthday season, as well as Mercury and the new moon pushing them to take the lead. Cancers will also feel a surge of adrenaline and courage ignite their bodies and souls as mighty Mars, the planet of passion, sizzles within their zodiac sign. Last, Aquarius is set to get a taste of one of the most significant karmic cycles in their lifetimes as Pluto, the planet of rebirth and power, finally creeps into the early degrees of their zodiac sign. Above all, these signify new beginnings.



Crack the whip like a ringleader this week, Aries. With the arrival of the new moon in your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — you’re on top of the world. Not only is it birthday season, and you’ll be packing a punch when it comes to planetary power. At the same time, you’ll have open roads to pursue new beginnings, exciting journeys, and a fresh slate.


This week is encouraging you to dig deep and reflect, Taurus. With so much activity in your solar twelfth house, you could be downloading profound images and messages from the spiritual and psychic realms. If any themes or thoughts are popping up repeatedly, it would be wise to write them down and contemplate their hidden meanings, rising up from your unconscious self. You are being guided by a loving universe.


Exhilarating fun awaits you this week, Gemini. You’ll have a jam-packed schedule filled with fabulous events and celebrations. This week’s new moon unleashes a rainbow from your solar eleventh house of joy, ensuring you’ll soon be uniting with many friends, fans, supporters, or people who love you. Don’t sit in the shadows. Dust off your favorite outfit, get a sexy new haircut, and strut your stuff!


A door opens in your career this week, Cancer. You are likely feeling the adrenaline course through you, as you’re excited to venture into new territory. As the new moon arrives in your solar tenth house of achievement, you could now have an opportunity to take on more power, fame, or responsibility. Don’t rest on your laurels, though. Roll up your sleeves, know where you want to go, and get to work!


New horizons are calling your name this week, Leo. You may now have an opportunity to stimulate your spirit and mind! The new moon is smiling upon you from the furthest reaches of your solar ninth house of expansion. This ensures that you could soon have an opportunity to pursue academics, media endeavors, publishing, long-distance travel, or even immigration. Let the path open up and carry you to exciting new lands.


Exciting news around wealth and prosperity could soon be arriving, Virgo. With so much planetary power and a new moon in your solar eighth house of assets and investments arriving, you’re set to rake in cash. This would be an ideal week to buckle down and consider ways you can make your nest egg grow larger than ever before. Meet with a financial or investment advisor.


Partnership will become an even more important theme for you in the coming week, Libra. This week’s new moon sparkles across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of relationships. This will give you the opportunity to make long-term plans, move in, get engaged, or even be wed. As this favors both business and personal relationships, you’ll find harmony in union and teamwork. Together, you could go very far.


It’s time to be lean, mean, and green this week, Scorpio. You’ll feel a very active and busy pace in your life and schedule. This is due to the new moon in your solar sixth house of productivity. Now is an important moment to assess your work and life balance. Don’t just spin your wheels consistently when you’re prone to burning out. Always be sure to rest and recharge, too.


An especially fun and exciting week is summoning you forth, Sagittarius. Passion and pleasure will be top priorities for you. This week’s new moon energizes your solar fifth house of romance, creativity, and fertility. Singles must use the week ahead to put themselves out there and line up many prospective suitors. You could find someone who catches your heart and arouses your loins. Love is out there! Don’t run away.


Stability and security could be offered to you this week, Capricorn. You love to stand on a solid foundation, and it looks like the universe is giving you that! The new moon will grow in your solar fourth house of home, family, and domesticity, helping you take the lead around these particular themes. Know where you stand and where you’d like to build going forward.


You could feel like the wind is picking up beneath your wings this week, Aquarius. The new moon will invigorate your solar third house of travel, intellect, and communication. This will help you to shake up your routine and step outside of your comfort zone as you engage with others and also learn more about the world. Open yourself to spontaneity and have a bit of adventurous fun!


This week may bring you some opportunities to further increase your finances, Pisces. The new moon will be like a big golden coin just for you! This is an excellent period to assess your income and expenses, as well as draw up a budget so you always know where everything is going. Don’t be afraid to cut out anything or anyone that is just a drain on your wealth.