Weekly Horoscope for March 24: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

March 23, 2024

Fate is ringing us this week. There’s no way or reason to decline the call. We can trust that what’s written for us in the universe’s script is what is meant to be. On March 25, a lunar eclipse rocks our world. With the full moon lunar eclipse occurring in the relationship-oriented sign Libra, connections undergo major destined shifts and illumination for the collective. 

Relationships are like mirrors, reflecting what we ought to see within ourselves. Every challenge left unresolved will leave a crack in the relationship’s mirror. How can we have a clear self-image in a broken mirror? Are we ignoring the cracks? Or are we working together to fill in the broken pieces? Are the cracks minor? Or has it damaged the majority of the reflective surface? Sometimes, in extreme situations, we may need to accept that we’re better off replacing it and getting a new mirror that shows a side of ourselves we wish to see reflected. At other times, it’s best to face the damage as a team to restore the mirror to its original state.


My self-image does not exist in a vacuum. The state of my relationships influences my self-esteem.


Aries, Cancer, and Libra will experience heightened shifts this week.

Aries will focus on their relationships this week to a heightened degree, as Fate is determined to change their trajectory in connections with others.

Cancer changes this week when their ruler, the Moon, is illuminated by a fateful Libra lunar eclipse shifting the direction of their home and personal life. 

Libra’s life path will open in unexpected ways as the lunar eclipse in their sign shifts their identity and brings new opportunities. 



This week’s lunar eclipse in Libra slaps your solar seventh house of relationships wide awake. It’ll become apparent how Fate wants you to orient yourself and view the people, or a select connection. Experiencing unexpected twists and turns in relationships? Compromise and cooperation will be the skills needed to pass the spiritual test. The good news is if both parties are willing to build together and invest in the emotional labor, the relationship will ascend to a higher understanding. A loss will only occur if one or both sides cling to unhealthy selfishness or ego. 


The lunar eclipse in Libra this week surely will grab your attention, Taurus. Your solar sixth house of the daily grind is shaken up. As you hear the rumbling of thunder building in the distance, take inventory of where you need to make changes in the workplace to be ahead of the curve of fated change. If you are overworked, overwhelmed, or overextended, now is the time to set boundaries to ensure you are supported. Change what you cannot accept regarding your responsibilities and obligations. You will thank yourself for months to come. 


Is it true love or just a fling, Gemini? This week’s lunar eclipse in Libra will question your solar fifth house of romance and sexuality. Attraction is part of the initial allure but fleeting. Genuine love will stand its ground through spiritual storms, while superficial love floats away when strong currents of life blow through. Creative influences and ideals will be at an all-time high for Gemini artists and visionaries, while those with children notice their offspring begin significant life chapters. Rather than postponing your joy, pause working hard and enjoy the beauty of whatever strikes resonance and gratitude deep within. 


Attuned to the moon, you’ll have heightened emotions during this week’s full moon lunar eclipse in Libra. As your solar fourth house is activated, home, family, upbringing, and belonging become sensitive topics. Your domestic life can change, such as moving, relocating, renovating, or changing the lives of household members. Regardless of the specific outcome, responsibilities won’t feel as pressing as focusing on the demands of your personal life.


Your mindset completely shifts this week as the lunar eclipse in Libra impacts your solar third house of intellect. Communication may go haywire, ensuring you learn important lessons on self-expression, tone, or listening, Leo. Technology or education may need tending to. Your opinions shift and change to become more open-minded due to new, lived experiences. However the specifics pan out, the overwhelming theme is that your mind is stimulated this week.


Your work life and personal self-worth are up to bat this week. Why, Virgo? The lunar eclipse in Libra is taking inventory of your solar second house of resources. Your job may be reconsidered as you long for another workplace environment or better compensation. If you feel undervalued in your work, this week will allow you to reinforce your self-esteem by demanding respect or more support. Debt may be accumulated or finally paid off. However your eclipse week pans out in detail, the overall spiritual lesson is to know your values and stick by them.


This week’s lunar eclipse energy in your sign impacts you the most of all of the signs! You can try to play it cool, but your emotions will be written all over your face, whether you expect it or not. Wearing your heart on your sleeve will soften you into vulnerability and allow you more authenticity. As you progress this week, it’ll become apparent that you need to make new decisions. You can take in the opinions, wants, or requests of others, but at the end of the day, you are the one who will live your life. 


This week’s Libra lunar eclipse wakes you to your solar twelfth house of the subconscious, Scorpio. Self-sabotaging patterns may become apparent to seek self-control. Secrets you kept from even yourself reveal themselves. Take the time to release what’s naturally seeking closure and honor your intuition’s insight. The only way to master your external reality is by reconnecting within.


A shift is on the way, reorienting your aims for the future, Sagittarius. The lunar eclipse in Libra will hit your solar eleventh house of social circles, revealing your fated friends and alliances. Expect the company you keep to help shift your life this week. If you surround yourself with those who support your higher visions, these changes are for the better, as they bring out the best in you. If the results are sour, you may have to reflect on if they are pulling out a side of you that true to your essence.


It’s important to feel connected to your legacy, Capricorn. Any impact on the world, big or small, uplifts your self-esteem. The lunar eclipse activates your solar tenth house of career, instigating pivotal change. What role you wish to play in society will be turned around inside and out in your mind. On a soul level, you will crave more authority and direction over your long-term future, especially in terms of career. Allow yourself to reorient your vocational path and aim to reflect on what truly fulfills you.  


If you’re questioning if something is off, it likely is, Aquarius. One of 2024’s major astrological events occurs this week: the Libra lunar eclipse. This lunation will hit your solar ninth house of moral reasoning, leading you to question the morals and values of a situation. Use your ethical code to gauge your responses to confusing conversations or differing beliefs, while remembering that not everyone will agree with your view of what’s just. For some Aquarians, travel or moving may also be a real possibility, or at the least, getting out of one’s comfort zone.


It’ll become clear where you start and where others end this week, Pisces. The Libra lunar eclipse illuminates your solar eighth house of shared resources and intimacy. When it comes to your relationships, personal or business-related, it’ll become evident where one or both parties will need to reassess if both of their needs or values are met. Be sure to accommodate others out of groundedness and clarity over survival instincts or reactivity. When you reinstate your needs in a mutual agreement this week, it allows people to meet you halfway. If others cannot uphold their end of the deal, it’ll be time to reevaluate your agreements.