Weekly Horoscope for March 26: Indulge the Senses

March 26, 2023

The coming week may feel sweet as sugar, with so much planetary activity promising radiant skies. While the beginning of the week will certainly put us in a social and blissful mood, the middle and end of the week could bring some exhilarating opportunities in love, intimacy, or beauty. Since March 16, our goddess planet, Venus, has ventured through the fields of her domicile zodiac sign, Taurus. However, she makes one of her most significant aspects this week — a perfect conjunction with electric Uranus. While Venus in Taurus tends to bring out our most sensual, hedonistic, and indulgent sides, her union with Uranus will encourage us to step out of our comfort zones and shake things up around these particular themes. The energy of this week could certainly bring some turbulent energy to relationships on a rocky foundation. However, those open to some sugar and spice will be eager to experiment and embrace unique desires, pleasures, and opportunities for adventure.


I seek romance and pleasure that feels inspiring and invigorating. I am unafraid to try new things.


The week ahead brings sweet and spicy vibes to Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn. First, Taurus will be eager to embrace their most authentic desires and sense of expression this week. This could help them to bring more spontaneity and excitement to their present relationships, or if single, opportunities to have a whirlwind romance. Cancers will likely cross paths with exotic and eccentric people this week, especially through their social life or friendship network. These individuals could open up their minds and perspectives regarding life and love. Last, Capricorns will also be presented with many opportunities for fun and spontaneity, so if invitations or dating matches pop up, lead with a sense of adventure rather than sitting back in the shadows.



You’re the lucky leprechaun sitting on your pot of gold this week, Aries. Wealth could be materializing in the palm of your hand. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and profit, is dancing through your solar second house of income, resources, and possessions, magnetically drawing more to you with ease. Use this energy to turn your mindset into building prosperity. Know you are always worthy of having more.


You are radiating like the most beautiful spring flower, Taurus. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and pleasure, is spinning within your solar first house of identity and zodiac sign. Use this energy to update your wardrobe, begin a new facial routine, or even consider trying out a new hairstyle. This is also a magnificent period for romance and even a little hedonism. Make time for love and love will find you.


You’ll be rather reflective regarding your personal life this week, Gemini. Sweet Venus is spinning behind closed doors in your solar twelfth house of privacy. You could be assessing what role romance has played in your life up until this point. However, it’s also a perfect time to get a massage or visit a spa! Use this energy to relax and recharge yourself — mind, body, and soul.


Get ready to feel like the Queen Bee this week, Cancer. Everyone will want a taste of you! As sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and joy, dances in your solar eleventh house of friendships, communities, and online dating, many people will be reaching out to catch up. Be sure to enjoy events and attend networking mixers. If single, you’re also in favor of finding new suitors or a twin flame through dating apps or a matchmaker!


Let your roar echo like a trumpet from the heavens this week, Leo. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and adoration, continues her flight through your solar tenth house of achievement. Applause could be following you as you reach higher on your professional ascent. Single Lions can also use this energy to try dating “up” in the world. Someone with a big name may be enchanted by you.


Spiritual muses are singing out to you this week, Virgo. As sweet Venus, our goddess planet of beauty and pleasure, orbits in the far reaches of your solar ninth house of expansion, you’ll be eager to step out of your routine and spice it up! This is a fabulous moment to infuse spirituality into your relationship with a lover or consider visiting destinations you’ve always wanted to venture to.


Intimacy is a lifestyle, Libra. Embrace sensuality now! As sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and pleasure, shimmies through your solar eighth house, sexuality will be exactly what you hunger for. While couples will likely enjoy this energy much more, it is an excellent time to assess your authentic needs in love. If single, consider what your past relationships taught you and what you want next.


Dance with a twin flame this week, Scorpio. Embrace the magic of love. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and beauty, is spinning across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnership. Harmony will bless all of your connections, especially with your significant other. Consider how you can work more in tandem as a power couple. If single, you may find more options that possess long-term relationship potential.


A better routine awaits you now, Sagittarius. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of love and beauty, has been spinning through your solar sixth house of employment and routines. Use this energy to shift your work-life balance to favor dating and pleasure rather than just spinning your wheels with your employment. Romance is something you have to make an effort for, but it is always rewarding.


Let the magic of love enter your heart this week, Capricorn. Sweet Venus, our goddess of romance, attraction, and beauty, is radiating brightly within your solar fifth house of true love, romance, and fertility. This ensures that great blessings will shower upon you in regard to all of these themes. If single, this is one of the most significant weeks of the year to step out of your comfort zone and jump into some spontaneous dating.


Transform your living space into a sanctuary this week, Aquarius. With Venus, our sweet goddess of pleasure and beauty, smiling at you from your solar fourth house of domesticity, real estate, and family, you’ll feel right at home. Consider buying luxurious furniture and décor at this time. Also, connecting with your kindred should improve during this time, so if things have been rocky, you can easily smooth it out. 


Let your words echo like enchanting spells this week, Pisces. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of beauty and art, is bringing her radiance to your solar third house of communications. This is a fabulous period to tell someone how you feel or ask for a favor. All others will be open to your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Know that you can enchant whoever you wish.