Weekly Horoscope for March 3: The Martial Art of Perseverance.

March 2, 2024

Mars squares or challenges Uranus this week. Mars is like a blazing fire, seeking warmth and vitality, but it burns those who cannot handle the heat. Meanwhile, Uranus is like a loud lighting storm, determined to cause changes in the landscape below from its higher perspective. Can you imagine these two intense energies at odds? Expect the unexpected, as Uranus is defiant about changing what no longer serves us and only further riles up the fiery side of Mars. Schedule plenty of time for fluctuating energy levels, as you’ll be hard at work dodging the celestial storm gracefully one moment, frustrated the next.


I pick and choose my battles wisely with precision and tact.


Aries, Taurus, and Aquarius can expect the most intense week of the twelve signs.

Aries will experience highlighted reactivity as their planetary ruler, instinctual Mars, is in a spot of tension with reckless Uranus.

Taurus will feel more impulsive as unpredictable Uranus in their sign squares warrior Mars.

Aquarius must practice caution as their planetary ruler, Uranus, squares warrior Mars in their sign, leading to more reckless decision-making. 



As reckless Mars transits your solar eleventh house of social life this week, it challenges unpredictable Uranus in a square aspect. Tensions arise when it comes to group activities or projects. Although you may not agree with all involved, there may still be a way to work together with differing points of view. In an egoic tug of war, no one wins. Agree to disagree. In the worst-case scenario, step away from any temptations to get involved in power games. 


As Mars transits your solar tenth house of career, it’ll meet Uranus in a gnarly square aspect. Known as the planet of disruption, Uranus rocks your world regarding authority. Although you may feel restless to confront misuse of power, choose your battles wisely. Maintain integrity and maturity. Hotheaded reactions would only decrease your chances of gaining respect. Be mindful of boundaries in the workplace, as there may be more rebellion or resistance in the air. 


Question where your perspective stems from this week, Gemini. As your solar ninth house of beliefs activates, you become increasingly frustrated as you close your mind to the unfamiliar. As important as it is to stand true to your morals, it may help you to be curious about other ways of seeing things. There are two sides to every coin. Welcome in more peace by reflecting on your cultural or lifestyle blindspots. 


The key to healing from heartbreak is to make room to process deeper underlying feelings, Cancer. As your solar eighth house of deep emotional waters is activated by Mars this week, further frustrated by its square to Uranus, you’ll find yourself more sensitive. Welcome in anger, as it is likely sadness when you get to the root. Welcome in sadness, as it is feelings of defeat when you get to the core. To reclaim your power, observe and course correct in situations that leave you feeling powerless.


This week tests your patience as reckless Uranus squares restless Mars in your solar seventh house of relationships, Leo. Although it may be frustrating when disagreements and misunderstandings arise in relationships, it’ll be a chance to step back and look at the big picture. Spend some quality time alone to see people concerning you more clearly. What can you learn from these situations? How can you change the pattern? What can you do with what is in your control next interaction?


As restless Mars transits your solar sixth house of responsibility this week and squares reckless Uranus, it’ll become clear that you don’t have time for everyone and everything. Take delays, detours, or mistakes as a sign to slow down, Virgo. Rushing creates further problems. Taking time allows you to be detail-oriented and successful in your tasks. As your to-do list grows, question what you truly need to get done day by day. Set realistic expectations to find more success and prevent burnout. Your health matters more than your agenda.  


Your solar fifth house of pleasure is activated by Mars this week, which meets unpredictable Uranus in a frustrating square aspect. Conversations with lovers may come with tension, whether in a fun or not-so-fun way, Libra. As you navigate your restlessness in love, channel your feelings creatively. Wearing your heart on your sleeve can get quite tiring when you don’t have an outlet for your innermost feelings. When you expect your romantic partner or life to fulfill all of your emotional needs, you limit yourself. This week, remember not to make others solely responsible for your happiness. On the flip side, refuse to take on full responsibility for others’ contentment within themselves!


This week, antsy Mars in your solar fourth house of heartfelt connection meets erratic Uranus in a tense square aspect. You’ll notice the underlying feelings or inner workings of those around you beyond the surface-level presentations, Scorpio. The more sensitive you are, the more you pick up on. Regardless of what you observe, focus on you and yours. Your chosen family is your priority for your emotional labor and intelligence. As much as you may want to help others, remind yourself of your limitations, especially if you have not proven to be too close and intimate.


As most of us have heard the phrase before, “Communication is key.” It’s common for a reason! As your solar third house of social interaction is impacted by restless Mars and further hit by erratic Uranus, bite your tongue when necessary. You’ll find more knowledge, power, and information through actively listening this week, Sagittarius. Observing is essential. Prematurely asserting your opinion before actively understanding other perspectives can lead you to fight battles you didn’t want to be part of. 


Your solar second house of resources is frustrated by restless Mars, further squaring unpredictable Uranus. Tensions arise regarding money, resource management, or practical needs and values. Keep grounded, Capricorn. Your self-esteem and worth can be kept high, even amid challenges. Remind yourself how far you’ve come, as one eruption doesn’t mean all of your progress has exploded. Be mindful of impulsive spending or quickly agreeing to things that devalue your sense of values.


Mars transits your solar first house of identity, creating restlessness regarding your life path decisions this week. Further, reckless Uranus squares Mars, making you antsy and eager for autonomous change. As much as you may want to control the direction of your life path, timing is everything. You lose out on your full potential when you impulsively react to new ideas. Constructing a solid plan first is your key to freedom.  Work with frustrations to set boundaries and new guidelines rather than setting off explosions.


Life is easier when you learn to let go of what is draining you, Pisces. As this week impacts your solar twelfth house of endings with the ongoing Mars transit, it’s further hit by a frustrating square to reckless Uranus. Why cling to what is causing self-harm or destruction? As you reflect, consider if you have any bad habits or addictions to kick, even if it is to an emotional pattern or belief. Growth isn’t always easy or without irritations. Choose the struggles of self-growth rather than the stagnant defeat of self-neglect.