Weekly Horoscope for May 14: Turn Your Life into Gold!

May 14, 2023

One of the most important weeks of the year has arrived! Jupiter, our Great Benefic and the planet of miracles, luck, and expansion, will leave behind the fiery skies of Aries to venture into the fields of Taurus beginning May 16. This will set off a yearlong cycle of prosperity, abundance, and opportunity as we are encouraged to build ourselves, our lives, and the physical world around us. Jupiter will increase luxurious, hedonistic energy, too, as we will be more inclined to embrace the beauty of the moment and decide to stop and smell the roses rather than parading onward without gratitude.


I will prosper now and forever. I will see beauty as wealth.


With such an exciting burst of energy taking place this week, three zodiac signs will fare especially well: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Now that Jupiter has once again found his way back into an earth sign, these three zodiac signs will experience incredible growth, blessings, and miracles. For Taureans, they will watch as a glorious new era of their lives arrives, encouraging them to embrace true happiness and authenticity. Virgos, though, will feel momentum behind them, encouraging them to explore life and pursue exciting new horizons. Last, Capricorns will find tremendous fortune around their heart’s desires in the coming year.



New beginnings around your finances are arriving this week, Aries. Look for a new job or ask about a raise. A new moon in your solar second house of money will energize you to build more prosperity. This is an ideal time to open a new bank account, start a savings plan, or even assess your budget. Take a microscope up to your income and expense and consider how you can create wealth. 


Consider the most important plans you’d like to build toward in your coming year and strategize the creation of your empire, Taurus. Get ready to turn the page and begin a new chapter in your storybook. A new moon in your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — will dawn and bring you an opportunity to pull up your vision board and decide which seeds you’d like to plant. 


Lie low, relax, rest, and release anything haunting you, Gemini. This week’s new moon is telling you to review your past and trust your intuition. Use the energy of this lunation to find peace and closure about anything that is unresolved and haunting you. If your anxiety has been firing off the charts, now would be a great time to meet with a counselor or therapist and discuss a plan for healing.


Joining communities and being a part of a tribe that loves and supports you are quite important this week, Cancer. With the arrival of a new moon in your solar eleventh house, you’ll be feeling more social than ever! If you want to network or expand your connections, you’re especially in favor of doing so. Online dating is also quite auspicious for singles now. If you’d like to find someone special, download a dating app or ask your friends to introduce you to potential options.


Brainstorm ways you can reach higher echelons and lift your status in your industry, Leo. Climb the professional ladder now. With the arrival of this week’s new moon spotlighting your solar tenth house of achievement, you could hear of news regarding a promotion, new role, or even a competitive job offer. There may also be an opportunity to receive favorable press, public recognition, or a covetable award. 


You could feel eager to try new things, meet new people, and explore vast new horizons, Virgo. Get ready for a new moon that could feel like the call of new adventures. With this lunation highlighting your solar ninth house of expansion, long-distance travel is especially favored, so brainstorm places you’d love to venture off to. Even if you can’t vacation at this point in time, check your schedule to see when in the year ahead you may be able to.


Invest in assets, stocks, or large ticket items this week, Libra. A new moon in your solar eighth house of wealth will arrive. This ensures that if you start laying seeds of prosperity, these seeds could blossom and grow for the long term. Another way this may affect you is by bringing news of a bonus, settlement, or an opportunity to re-negotiate big financial matters, such as in the form of a benefits package from your employer.


The stars are aligning to bring greater focus to your relationships this week, Scorpio. Despite recent challenges, things are getting back on track. This is due to the arrival of a new moon across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnership. For those of you who are already in healthy, flourishing unions, you may decide to make long-term promises, move in, get engaged, or even be wed. However, if single, this may instead allow you to cross paths with someone who has staying potential.


Consider taking on new responsibilities or projects with your employer or even looking for a new job or clients to add to your docket, Sagittarius. Productivity is the name of the game now. A new moon in your solar sixth house arrives with a burst of momentum. If things have stalled and spun off the tracks in recent weeks, this lunation can help you rapidly put everything back on schedule. 


Lust, sex, romance, and love will have you seeing stars, Capricorn. Let passion overtake you this week. With the arrival of the new moon in your solar fifth house, you’ll be eager to live in the moment and have some fun! If single, this is the most important lunation of the year to put yourself out there and meet new prospective suitors. You could find someone who truly lights a flame in your heart.


If you’d like to move, renovate, relocate, or redecorate, you’re quite in luck, Aquarius! It’s time to stand on steady ground. With the new moon arriving this week, you can finally let the dust settle from a month of chaos. However, this lunation may instead help you to spend more time with your kindred, parents, and family as you reminisce on the good old days and make fun plans for the ones still to come.


Knowledge will flow to and through you quite readily this week, Pisces. This will be triggered by the new moon in your solar third house of communication. If you’d like to update your credentials to become more competitive in your industry, now would be an excellent time to enroll in a course of study. However, this may instead provoke you to work on a writing, speaking, advertising, branding, or social media endeavor that may take six months to reach culmination.