Weekly Horoscope for May 26: Your Heart Calls You!

May 25, 2024

Have you ever realized you didn’t need to react so hastily and start an argument halfway through a heated discussion? To only keep fighting a pointless battle because you fear being revealed as weak or wrong at that point? The most proud, defiant, or assertive person isn’t necessarily the one worthy of leadership. An individual who can direct their passions intentionally with their end goal in mind, rather than reactively, is. 

As Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, conjuncts and blends energies with brash Mars in independent Aries, sore spots are hit. Waves of emotions arise. Irritation likely arises. We wonder: Are we truly seen, validated, or understood? Are we being misrepresented? Our power will be in our pause. If we can soothe ourselves back into the core, inner trust of who we are, triggers will ebb and flow past. If we cling, we may find ourselves carried away in a current of insecurity. 


The healing my soul needs is found in the moments that I respond differently when triggered. 


Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will experience the most emotional purges.

Aries must slow down and think before they react, as impulsive Mars and sensitive Chiron visit their sign.

Leo can make great strides towards growth out of their comfort zone if able to release their fear of the unknown.

Sagittarius will heal relationships and romantic wounds in order to be emotionally available for the joy the universe wants to offer them. 



Chiron, the wounded healer, is embracing independent Mars in a conjunction in Aries. As this healing astrological weather targets your sign, don’t leave your emotional needs out in the cold. Cuddle up to the warm truth that your feelings are necessary messengers. Acting too cool for school? Too tough to feel rough? Remember, the universe is triggering wounds in a humbling way this week. No one is exempt from getting hurt, feeling misunderstood, or caring what others think. Not even you, headstrong Aries. Express your emotions constructively. If not, the moment your bubble of emotional restraint pops, you may find yourself shocked by the illusions shattered.


Getting avoidant will only add salt to the wound, Taurus. It’s time to rip the bandage off and check the healing progress of past emotional hurt. Clean up the cut, inspect recovery status. Then, let the wound breathe. While a bandage helps early after an incident, in later stages it needs air to breathe, even if it’s an eyesore to see without distraction. Take an honest look at how you’ve been coping. Let yourself look at the pain you’ve endured head on. As Chiron, the wounded healer, conjuncts strong Mars in your solar twelfth house, feel what you’ve been assuming you’ve already gotten over.


Sometimes, we can be in a group of people and still feel lonely, Gemini. Chiron’s shining a light on hidden wounds that are peeking through just beneath the surface, with the help of direct Mars conjuncting its power. Past or current wounds around belonging arise in your chest. This sensation may feel uncomfortable at first. Feeling misunderstood weighs you down. However, if you have even one person you can rely on or relate to, you win. Show your sensitive fears, hiding in the shadows, that you’re invited to the tables that matter most. Arrange uplifting social plans. 


Sometimes, it feels like no matter how hard we try, authority figures will never fully appreciate our efforts. Chiron, the sensitive healer, and Mars, the straightforward shooter, hit your solar tenth house. Imposter syndrome flares up. When bosses, parents, caregivers, and other supposedly mature leaders in our life disappoint us, it can really make us question our value. Cancer, keep your head held up high. Nurse insecurities to healing with positive self-talk. Pushing to gain approval externally? It isn’t working. Affirm yourself in your choices. 


The universe wants you to disengage from the social pressure of the hive mind. It’s okay to think differently. Sensitive Chiron is supercharged by ambitious Mars, urging us to speed up the process of healing. Mind-blowing realizations hit. When your questions are bigger than your understanding of life, it’s time to turn to what’s larger than yourself. Spirituality, religion, beliefs, and ethics can help you ground yourself in the midst of triggering intellectual shifts. Keep the bigger picture in mind and stay true to faith.


The healer Chiron is reminding you that everything in life is in a constant state of change, Virgo. As the asteroid conjuncts determined Mars, it’s time to surrender your notion of how life should be. Experience what the universe has to offer you when you let go of control. As Chiron-Mars heals your solar eighth house of transformation, you’ll come out with a stronger emotional understanding. Cocoon in the pressing urgency of your emotions and contemplate. Soon, you’ll crack out of the shell of recovery and fly off into higher heights.


As much as you want to help others, it’s time to choose who chooses to grow with you, Libra. Chiron, the wounded healer, meets speedy Mars, allowing you to have relationship realizations in record time. Feelings of disappointment, disapproval, or sadness swell up in your heart when looking at connections. It’s time to make peace with who you’ve had to depart from in order to be the person you are today. The same applies to anyone who cannot meet you as you’re presented with a higher path here and now. As you heal the wounds of breakups, loss, or changed dynamics, love will be able to find you more readily.


Mars assertively asks you to confront your Chiron wounds that are in need of healing. Your solar sixth house of responsibility is hit. Feelings of inadequacy arise, Scorpio. You may feel like you failed a test you never took, lost something that was never in your possession, or carry the guilt of doing something you never did. As you take a look at your daily routines, be realistic about what you can humanely handle. Within twenty-four hours in a day, seven days a week, you cannot do it all. The best you can do is the best you can do. Make peace with this to heal. 


It’s time to confront the shadows of the wounded healer, Chiron, with the power of direct Mars to heal. It can be difficult to sit with uncomfortable emotions. In fact, Sagittarius is known for fleeing the scene when things get too heavy or serious. This week, prove yourself and others wrong. You’re capable of sitting with your past. Your solar fifth house is activated, illuminating the emotional roots of your romantic dilemmas and issues. It’s time to uproot these heavy feelings buried deep down below long ago to thrive in love today.


Emotional discomfort is expected, at times, in any personal or family relationship, Capricorn. However, habitual emotional issues, harshness, or disrespect are not one and the same. As Chiron, the wounded healer, is highlighted by assertive Mars this week, it’s time to sit with your bigger emotions. Being on edge should not be correlated with being loved. Being honest with yourself. How much inner work and healing needs to be done? And how much needs to be done externally by setting the tone of the level of connection you need? 


Chiron, the asteroid of revealing wounds, is joining forces with assertive Mars. As this team hits your solar third house of communication, you may get a fire light up under you. You may have a few choice words to come to mind for others, Aquarius. On the other hand, people may approach you with a confrontational tone. Keep in mind that feelings are like a pressure cooker this week. Compassion is the soothing balm for emotional outbursts. Your self-talk will reflect the external conversations you’re participating in or witnessing. Rather than convincing others, pause. Get to the root and get your mind right.


Low self-esteem will make you believe you’re not worthy enough to want or need what you need, Pisces. As Chiron, the wounded healer, hits your solar second house, it joins forces with instructive Mars. It’ll become apparent that in order to achieve your practical goals, you first need to heal the emotional blocks that stop you from reaching for them. Shame, guilt and other heavy emotions may feel like they will never escape us. But a little compassion can perform miracles.