Weekly Horoscope for May 5: Claiming Your Abundance.

May 4, 2024

Good things come to those who wait. On May 7, the Taurus new moon sheds moonlight onto our resources. Fresh, abundant funds, helpful possessions, and precious materials arrive at our feet. External gifts seek to guide us on the trek toward success. However, what makes all the difference, regardless of our wallet or stuff, is our internal reservoir of resources. 

Does our self-esteem and confidence run deep, instilled in the belief that we deserve what we need? Or do we make decisions that deplete us, leaving us hopeless or lost? Our self-esteem will depend on whether we can remain true to our values and practical needs. And our needs being met will depend on whether we feel we have the right to have needs in the first place.


Honoring my needs, I utilize the resources offered and reach out for any support required.


Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will experience renewed hope this week.

Taurus will reach for the stars and receive new opportunities as the Taurus new moon illuminates their path.

Virgo can expect the chance to open their mind to experiences that re-awaken their sense of awe in the world outside of their mundane, everyday life.

Capricorn will find life is worth celebrating life this week, encouraging them to let loose and let go.



A closed mouth doesn’t get fed, Aries. As your solar second house receives blessings from the Taurus new moon, expect material gain—if you’re willing to be transparent about your needs. In order to run a marathon, runners need appropriate training, hydration, fuel, food, and support from fellow athletes. If you’re looking to cross the finish line to your goals this week, don’t start sprinting without properly preparing and equipping yourself. Think with the end in mind, even before you even start the race. What do you need to put your best foot forward and feel capable of taking the prize?


When it’s your time to shine this week, don’t hesitate to step into the spotlight. Be seen, as your aura will give others a warm, fuzzy feeling. The impression is that you’re personable, relatable, and may even remind them of someone they know. As the new moon in Taurus creates a familiar air about you in your solar first house of identity, new beginnings await you. You reclaim and feel good about who you are. The road opens, ushering you into a new path that somehow still feels like you’ve walked it for years.


Sometimes, the best way to honor a new beginning is to simply let go of your tight grip on matters that are no longer refreshing, Gemini. The flowers were once beautiful, but it’s okay to replace them as they wilt. As the new moon in Taurus shines on your solar twelfth house this week, it’s okay to feel tired. At first, you may find yourself feeling weary, depleted, and in need of a rest. As you continue your heroic journey towards spiritual wellness, you’ll come to find that a cycle is closing. The sun is rising above the horizon, and it’s okay to walk towards the light out of the darkness, even if it’s an act of solitude. 


The future is bright as the Taurus new moon in your solar eleventh house sets you on the right path, Cancer. A huge part of success is who you know and branching out your contacts. What’re you trying to achieve? Do you have a person you could contact for advice, opportunities, or help? Your goals and aims are supported socially more than ever before. The more positive energy you hand out to your friends, colleagues, or supporters, the more positive opportunities will be handed to you this week. 


The new moon in Taurus is flirting with your potential this week, Leo. As your solar tenth house allows you to hyper focus, keep your eyes on the prize. Whatever you tunnel vision in on matters. If you fixate on matters beyond your control, you’ll feel discouraged fast. But when you put your mind to the task at hand, you’ll find doors open wide that were once slammed shut. Professionally, or purpose wise, expect new opportunities to open their arms to you. Embrace the risk of going after what you want to represent or become.


Curiosity disrupts monotonous ways of living. Experiences that re-awaken your sense of awe in the world revitalize your spirit this week. Outside of your mundane, everyday life and routines, there are people living entirely different lifestyles. As you take a peek into cultures, beliefs, religions, spirituality, people, locations, or philosophies that contrast your lived experience, your inner philosopher is stimulated. You may find yourself seeking a shift in your external world, but the real key to freedom will be found in the trips, travels, and journeys you can experience in your own mind. Experiment with rhetorical questions and perspectives. Maybe expansiveness will warm up to you, even in the slightest.


New moons are infamous for bringing up big emotions, and this lunation isn’t exempt from this for you, Libra. As the new moon illuminates your solar eighth house of transformation, you can expect your inner world to undergo major shifts. Who and what you have historically depended on is either rewarding you or neglecting your needs, and it’s never been more clear. While leaning into your feelings can feel like a whirlwind, trust that you can listen to your emotions and the information they share. Observing your gut instincts grounds you. Your intuition knows what needs to change regarding your trust, interdependence, and perceptiveness. Imagine the expansion you’ll find if you lean into this. 


You’ve grown weary lately, Scorpio. However, the supporters in your life are likely to pull through for you this week. Beautiful outcomes blossom when you nourish your relationships and spend the extra time, energy, or resources investing in growing together. On the other hand, this lunation is also a check in point. The emotional labor you’ve put into connections will be reflected back to you in a vulnerable way. Are your consistent efforts paying off? Is the foundation of the connection blossoming, neutral? Or perhaps, are you being asked to reassess if it’s worth the investment to keep pouring your all in? 


If you have been praying for a solution, know it’s coming, Sagittarius. However, it’ll require effort. The Taurus new moon invigorates your solar sixth house of responsibility, welcoming replenishing approaches to productivity. So often, we find ourselves focused on our to-do list but disconnected from the breath, our very lifeforce. The transition between activities can be your chance to slow down. Exercise those pauses, as new, practical opportunities are blessing you this week. In order to receive more blessings at work, you need to show the universe that you’re prepared to handle it.


Capricorn, you tend to take your responsibilities seriously. While your mature approach is admirable, this isn’t the week to be too rigid. When life hands you an exciting gift, don’t set it down to play with later. Unwrap the packaging then and there, leaving the clean-up for a later time. Explore! The Taurus new moon presents you with outgoing, playful, creative, or romantic opportunities. Ask your inner child to come through and allow them to take center stage for your weekly planning. Go to that concert, paint that painting, go on that date, and value your present. 


Pick up your favorite blanket, lay down on the couch, and get cozy, Aquarius. The Taurus new moon activates your solar fourth house of domestic matters. You’ll want to conserve your introspective energy and stay within your comfort spaces, with quality close people or pets. As some Aquarians consider moving, renovating, or decorating, others will be dedicated to family bonding, boundaries, or even hosting at home. The key is to close the door to the public eye and focus on your personal space this week for renewed, revitalized energy.


As your third house of communication is awakened with this Taurus new moon, practice mental focus. It’ll be important to healthily discipline your mind to be stimulated, Pisces. Otherwise, you’re at risk of your hyperactive mind obsessing or overthinking. Meditate to nature sounds. Take a walk and take note of all that you observe, smell, and hear. Journal your internal monologue. As you empty your mind and refocus the narrative, you make space to manifest renewing experiences for this lunation. New educational, learning, intellectual, or communicative opportunities find you. Be sure to remain sharp enough to catch them as they float by.