Weekly Horoscope for May 7: Revise Your Plans

May 7, 2023

The final week of our springtime Mercury retrograde is upon us. Since April 21, our cosmic messenger planet has spun backward through the fields of Taurus. He will finally reach stillness on May 13. During this time, we reviewed and revised our plans, especially concerning the themes that Taurus rules: money, wealth, and possessions. Yet, even though people may feel like we’re doomed during this transit, the week to come actually has gorgeous, sparkling astrological aspects running throughout it. Focus on taking a new approach regarding your plans and physical world, and the universe’ll reward you if you do so.


I am open to taking a new approach to solving plans, problems, and pathways.


Of all zodiac signs, three will have an especially challenging week ahead: Taurus, Gemini, and Leo. This is because Mercury’s backslide will bring headaches, delays, and challenges. Yet, it is wise to know that the universe is not punishing these three zodiac signs but instead encouraging them to take a new path in achieving their goals and plans. Taurus, first and foremost, will need to completely revise how they’re communicating with all others and pushing their endeavors forward. Geminis, since they are ruled by Mercury, may find this week especially anxious-ridden as people and situations that are karmic in nature return from the past. Last, Leos will find frustration and delays around professional plans.



Budget mishaps and financial headaches are likely cropping up now, Aries. This is due to mental Mercury’s awkward backspin in your solar second house of money. The best thing to do is to avoid making any significant decisions around income or expense, and if you’ve been waiting on checks and payments, they may even be delayed at this time. Don’t stress; breathe through it and know this, too, shall pass.


You may feel like you’re screaming into the never-ending void at this time, Taurus. This is because mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet, has been spinning out of orbit in your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — for quite some time. Luckily, this will be his final week asleep, so life should soon return to a healthy and brisk pace. Go with the flow rather than force against the grain.


Nightmares could be haunting your mind at this time, Gemini. Mental Mercury, your planetary ruler, has been backtracking through your solar twelfth house of hidden matters and karma. Situations and relationships from the past, especially those that are unresolved, could be popping back up for you to face. This may be an excellent moment to focus on closure, healing, or letting go. If you wish to reach out to someone else, go for it now.


Confusion is consuming your social life, Cancer. You may feel as if you and your closest friends are just not on the same page. Miscommunication may pop up, as no one seems to be on the same page. The best thing to do is not to stress out and become an even better listener rather than charging onward to voice your opinion. This may also be a great time to reconnect with people from your past and see if you’re ready to rekindle your rapport.


You’ve been taking step after step backward when it comes to your career and professional life, Leo. This is due to mental Mercury’s backward spin through your solar tenth house of achievement. If there have been delays, conflicts, frustrations, or miscommunication in your job, know that these smoggy vibes will begin to pass next week. Do your best to lie low before the dust settles.


The last few weeks, you’ve been scratching your head, wondering which way is up and which is down, Virgo. Know that the sails will soon steer forward once again. This is because your planetary ruler, mental Mercury, has been slithering backward through your solar ninth house of expansion. This has revealed that you’re being required to re-evaluate big intellectual ideas, especially concerning academics, spiritual wisdom, or long-distance projects or travel. 


You may be eager to see a big check, bonus, or settlement arrive, Libra, but there seem to be even more delays than you’re aware of. This could have you pulling your hair out and ready to smash your forehead against the wall. Don’t cause further stress by worrying. Take a deep breath and let the energy pass. Next week will bring new developments, so trust your famous patience.


You and a significant partner just aren’t seeing eye to eye at this time, Scorpio. An ex or old associate may actually even cross your path this week. This is because mental Mercury, our planet of the mind and discussions, is retrograde across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of relationships. Don’t jump to conclusions if things seem off. Practice patience and trust rather than marching into battles that may just be built from your fears and anxieties. 


You may have a million projects and responsibilities firing on all cylinders at your day job, but nothing seems to be going according to plan, Sagittarius. Patience isn’t necessarily your strong suit, so you could be ready to charge headfirst into a battle with anyone who crosses you! However, one of the best things to do is to unplug from the stress and just focus on having a bit of fun!


There may be miscommunication in your romantic life at this time, Capricorn. If things aren’t lining up, don’t fly off the handle. However, this may instead be focusing your mind — or complete attention — on an ex or old flame. If they have returned or you wish to reunite with someone, this is an ideal time to do so. You may be able to resurrect the relationship or find closure once and for all.


Your emotions could be spinning around like a maelstrom now, Aquarius. This may be an ideal moment to unplug and review your past and where you’ve been. This is because mental Mercury, our planet of the mind, is spinning backward in your dramatic solar fourth house. This may cause confusion and frustration regarding home, family, or real estate. By knowing the paths that have led you here, you can better assess where you still wish to go.


Miscommunication is a hurricane at this time, especially for you, Pisces. Don’t make any agreements, promises, or plans.This is because mental Mercury, the planet of the mind, is throwing furious lightning from your solar third house. This ensures that you and everyone you meet will be on different sides of the fence. The best thing to do is to let the storms pass as you hide out while everyone else is getting crazy.