Weekly Horoscope for November 12: Open Your Heart.

November 11, 2023

While we are slowly but surely inching away from the full intensity of eclipse season, more shocking news could manifest in the week ahead. A new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 13, which is particularly notable due to the sun’s exact opposition to Uranus. This is a terrifying — and potentially exhilarating — aspect, as Uranus will bring shocking news and developments. New moons in Scorpio encourage us to turn within and explore our shadow selves, as well as embrace healing and sacred sexuality. Consider how you can discuss growing closer in your relationships and opening yourself up to trust more. However, because of the volatile nature of this lunation, it is still advised to lie low, batten down the hatches, and see what the universe is throwing your way.


I love and honor my shadow self. Only by respecting it can I live my life to the fullest.


Despite the rocky waves echoing through the universe this week, three zodiac signs will likely handle it much more fluidly than others: Cancer, Libra, and Pisces. All three of these zodiac signs, while preferring their own way of operating in the universe, tend to have an easier time adjusting to the flow of the cosmos despite whatever the universe is throwing at them. Cancers, for instance, may be able to find more time to express themselves and engage their creative talents. Libras, while likely juggling some shifts around income and expense, will likely be able to outmaneuver things strategically. Last, Pisceans, as the most fluid water sign of all, could find their spirituality activated quite potently as they listen to the messages of the universe.



Prepare for fresh starts in regards to wealth now, Aries. This week’s new moon could bring a newfound opportunity concerning assets, investments, or large money matters. This is because it will offer a breath of fresh air to your solar eighth house. This could trigger a big win for you, especially if you’ve been applying for a scholarship, venture capital, or a settlement. If a loss is found, keep your wits about you.


The time has come for a bright new beginning in your relationships, Taurus. You could take the next step with your one and only or, if single, find a soulmate if you put yourself out there. This is due to the new moon across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnership. A sudden decision to move in, make a promise, get engaged, or even be wed may now be on the table if you’ve been in true alignment.


Buckle up for an exhilarating, fresh start in your work life, Gemini. New horizons, projects, and responsibilities could be crossing your desk. This week’s new moon invigorates your solar sixth house of employment. If you’ve been out of work, you may now have a sudden breakthrough in a similar field or dream career. Start applying everywhere that interests you. Your résumé could rise to the top. Hop to it!


Let a magical new beginning regarding your heart’s desires arrive like a gift from heaven, Cancer. Beauty is coming to you whether you’re ready or not! This week’s new moon sings in your solar fifth house of true love, creativity, and fertility. Singles may now cross paths with a soulmate or be introduced to someone who becomes a forever lover. If you are looking to conceive, the stars may now open before you like curtains on a stage.


Prepare for domestic decisions to be presented to you this week, Leo. You may decide to make a change in a new direction. A new moon in your solar fourth house of home, family, and domesticity arrives, ushering in a new chapter of your life. You may now decide to move, renovate, redecorate, or even relocate. Pay attention to what your gut is telling you to do. You’d be wise to listen.


Keep your antennae up this week because the winds are changing, propelling you in new directions, Virgo. As the new moon arrives, you may hear news of a sudden need to travel to a nearby destination, especially regarding a neighbor, friend, or sibling. This trip will pique your intellectual curiosity about the world and shift your perspective in exhilarating ways. Find out what else life is offering to you!


A fresh start around your income will arrive for you to consider this week, Libra. More money could be calling your name. This week’s new moon brings a burst of energy to your solar second house of finances and possessions. You could hear of a raise, a new job offer, a side hustle, or a lucrative client interested in your offers and services. Strike while the iron is hot and put yourself into an abundance mindset.


It’s time to close your life’s book and begin writing a new one this week, Scorpio. With a new moon in your solar first house of identity — your zodiac sign — unlocking doors before you, you are encouraged to seize the day and choose your path. Trust your intuition, know what you desire, and have faith that you will find the answers to whatever you seek. You’re ready to venture into new surroundings.


This week is encouraging you to slow down and reset, Sagittarius. Don’t push too hard at this time. This week’s new moon will likely make you feel a deep need to assess your exhaustion, anxiety, fears, or baggage. Consider connecting with a therapist, doctor, or counselor who may have a fresh perspective to help you heal once and for all. Before you know it, you’ll be as good as new. Welcome in the stillness!


A burst of energy is igniting your social life yet again this week, Capricorn. A new moon will suddenly fill your calendar with many opportunities to connect with others at gatherings, mixers, and celebrations. However, this may instead invigorate you to join a community or club and get active in volunteering. If you do, you’ll feel fantastic as you give back to people who need your guidance and aid.


A new chapter is being offered to you on a silver professional platter this week, Aquarius. A new moon in your solar tenth house will bring a burst of energy to pursue your ambitions or even encourage you to take a new path or approach in seizing them. A promotion, new job offer, or opportunity to carve out your legacy may appear. Keep your eyes on the prize and work hard!


You’ll feel supported and invigorated by a loving universe this week, Pisces. A new moon dawns in the skies of your solar ninth house. This may bring an opportunity to pursue academics, international pursuits, travel, spiritual evolution, or even media projects. No matter what, trust what your gut is telling you. This could be the nudge in a new direction you are grateful to embark upon.