Weekly Horoscope for October 29: Process Your Progress!

October 28, 2023

Eclipse season is never easy. We experience whiplash from the universe and must navigate our way through cosmic storms. While the heavens seek to always help us to evolve — shaking us out of journeys, patterns, and relationships that are only holding us back — we often must sacrifice something in order to gain something new. This will be quite apparent at this time. Yet despite this, the week ahead is littered with planetary aspects that will put us in the mood for spontaneous fun, passion, and romance. This is also one of the luckiest weeks of the year, as the sun and Jupiter will dance across the sky from one another on November 7. This could bring breakthroughs, joyous news, and opportunities for expansion. However, just make sure you’re not letting all the excitement get to your head. Find moderation.


I was born with luck. I am here to channel it into my life and goals.


Despite the turbulent weather of eclipse season, three zodiac signs will love the positive vibes from the sun and Jupiter most this week: Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio. All three of these zodiac signs could experience happy news in relationships and their personal lives. If things have been rocky, Taurus and Scorpio are especially favored to find affinity once again or at least understand a path forward that promotes peace. Cancers, though, may have a lucky breakthrough around a creative project, one of their children, or even a pregnancy if looking to conceive. Embrace the magic the week has to offer!



Buckle up for big spending, Aries. You may be spending major money on large-scale items or purchases in a whirlwind. Mighty Mars, your planetary ruler, is cranking up the heat in your solar eighth house of investments and assets. However, this could instead be getting you fired up to apply for a loan, venture capital, credit card line, or even a mortgage. Now is a time to think for the long term.


As the stars turn, you have even more attention upon your relationships, Taurus. Now is a pivotal time to find someone who mirrors you and can support you as you both tackle projects and plans side-by-side. With mighty Mars across the sky from you in your solar seventh house, this is a time to couple up rather than choose independence! This union, regardless if it’s in business, collaboration, or love, could be especially fulfilling.


The universe is racing you forward at breakneck speed, Gemini. This could see you especially busy on projects for your employer or just handling the many routines in your life. As mighty Mars, the planet of action, storms through the gates in your solar sixth house of productivity, you’re likely juggling a million different projects and plans! Be sure to also devote some attention to your fitness and diet — you could make big progress.


Get ready to light a match in your heart, Cancer! If single, you’re likely lining up prospective lovers like dominos and seeing which one will still stick around. With mighty Mars, the planet of sex and desire, racing through your solar fifth house of pleasure, dating, and true love, you could be in the midst of a “romance-a-thon.” If partnered, this is a sizzling time to get naughty in the bedroom or just decide to have some fun.


Domestic matters are consuming your full attention now, Leo. You could be especially active regarding moving, renovating, or relocating. As mighty Mars, the planet of energy, sizzles within the boiling water of your solar fourth house of home and family, he’s making steam! If you tackle these plans now, you could make a great deal of progress as you leave the past behind you.


Prepare for your mind to be running at warp speed now, Virgo. With so much fuel in your mind’s eye, be sure to tackle any intellectual goals or contracts where you need to read the fine print. With mighty Mars, the planet of action and energy, sizzling through the seas of your solar third house of communication, you are likely hard at work on a significant writing, speaking, advertising, or social media project. 


Piles of money could be burning up around you like wildfire, Libra. As mighty Mars, the planet of fuel, roars through your solar second house of finances, you’re likely spending money faster than you can make it. Just make sure you’re not dipping too far into your nest egg or putting too much on lines of credit that you can’t readily pay back. Now is not a time to sink into the “red.”


Let euphoric fire course through your veins and spirit now, Scorpio. You’re being supercharged like a never-ending battery! As mighty Mars, the planet of passion and your planetary co-ruler, roars like a stampede through your zodiac sign, you’re on a mission to conquer everything and everyone in your path. You’ll also be especially magnetic, so use your hypnotic sex appeal to get whatever it is that you want!


A rather unique vibration is overtaking you now, Sagittarius. While you tend to like the hustle and bustle and being out and about, you might be spending more time in solitude. Mighty Mars, the planet of energy, action, and drive, is spinning in the hidden depths of your solar twelfth house. You could be hard at work preparing a major endeavor or project behind the scenes and choosing privacy because of it. 


Social activity is filling your heart with fireworks now, Capricorn. This is a five-star period to attend events and celebrations, as you’re the cat’s meow. This is because mighty Mars, the planet of energy and activity, is dashing exuberantly through your solar eleventh house of friendships and acquaintances. Everyone will want a piece of you! If you want to try your hand at online dating, you’re in luck.


Major momentum is building rapidly in your professional life, Aquarius. As mighty Mars, the planet of action and energy, crackles through the skies of your solar tenth house of achievement, you’re on a mission to win. This likely means you’re taking on far more responsibility and activity regarding ambitious projects and milestones. If you’ve been on the racetrack for a while, you could now be reaping bountiful rewards!


Get ready for exciting opportunities to soar in new directions, Pisces. You’re ready to explore vast new horizons! Buckle up for vast adventures. As mighty Mars, the planet of action, dances through your solar ninth house of expansion, you’re ready to open up your vision of what life has to offer you. Now would be a fabulous time to join a spiritual group or venture to an exotic locale near water that will tantalize your soul.