Weekly Horoscope for September 17: Stay Focused!

September 16, 2023

When it comes to the cosmic energy of the week ahead, we have two major factors to consider. The mighty sun, which is tied to life force, is the luminary of strength, vitality, and potency. Unfortunately, the week starts with a rockier frequency to navigate as soon as we enter it, as the sun moves into direct opposition with Neptune, the planet of dissolution. This will bring an especially weakened energy for us to face, as we are more prone to illness, deception, and insecurity. This will reach a crescendo on September 19. Luckily, shortly thereafter, the sun will align in a blessed angle of harmony — a trine — with powerhouse Pluto. While this could ratchet up the intensity of the week significantly, it will help us to break through the fog as we dig to the heart of matters and pioneer through. As long as you’re able to stay focused, you should be able to handle this week’s tricky vibes.


I am alert, focused, and aware of my surroundings. I will trust in finding true security.


This week’s energy will be especially challenging for Virgos, Libras, and Pisceans. Of the three, though, Virgos may have a better chance of moving through unscathed. Both Virgos and Pisceans could be at a crossroads in relationships, whether in business, love, or collaboration. Illusion and delusion will be quite prominent now, as well as gaslighting. Luckily, with the sun in Virgo linking to Pluto, this zodiac sign can charge forth as long as they don’t succumb to fears or anxieties. Libras, though, must be especially careful not to rock the boat when it comes to their mental and physical health. Lie low.



It’s time to get super fired up in regards to relationships, Aries. You may even be making big decisions as a team. As mighty Mars, the planet of passion and your planetary ruler, sizzles across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnership, you could be making long-term plans with a significant other. Yet, if you’re not playing for the same team, you may instead be caught in a war with an open enemy!


You’re cranking out work like a machine this week, Taurus. Projects, plans, and priorities are being laid heavily upon your shoulders. Now that mighty Mars, the planet of activity, is soaring through your solar sixth house of productivity, you’re likely feeling like you have a million things to do — all at once! You’re a workhorse when you want to be, so hop to it and you’ll make great progress now.


Prepare for sultry, flirty vibes this week, Gemini. Passion and pleasure are coming your way! As mighty Mars, the planet of sex and energy, roars through your solar fifth house, you’re ready to embrace your heart’s romantic desires. This is a major period for singles who are looking for romance and love to put themselves out there. Make sure to meet up with as many prospective suitors as possible. A true match could be aligned.


Get ready for big decisions around your domestic life to be rising up before you soon, Cancer. This is because mighty Mars, our planet of action and drive, will be cranking along with speed in your solar fourth house. You may soon be consumed with a renovation or relocation. If you’re involved in real estate, this could add a lot of “fix it” projects to your properties.


You’re feeling the momentum this week, Leo. It’s time to check every box off your list! As mighty Mars, our red planet of strength, picks up the pace in your solar third house, you’ll have more power and impact when it comes to important intellectual or communication-related projects. However, this energy may instead invigorate you to travel and bound around a bit more than usual — perhaps even to visit or catch up with a sibling or cousin.


It’s time to keep the reins on your finances, Virgo. Money might be burning through your checkbooks if you’re not careful! Mighty Mars, the red planet of energy, is crackling like a speeding bullet through your solar second house of finances. While this could have you spending more money on big-ticket items, it can also give you the focus and tenacity to build your wealth. If you happen to be out of work, this is a great time to apply everywhere you can.


You could feel like you have superpowers coursing through your veins now, Libra. Mighty Mars, the red planet of strength, courage, drive, and sex appeal, is catapulting through your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — unchained! This will bring you tremendous momentum toward any personal or professional goal that you set your mind upon. Be sure to outline your plans and attack them like an emperor swiftly dominates the landscape.


You’re entering a period where you’ll be quite busy away from prying eyes, Scorpio. With mighty Mars, our red planet of action and activity and your planetary co-ruler, charging through your solar twelfth house of privacy, it’s likely that you’re hard at work developing projects with a long-term strategy. If not, you could be feeling stir-crazy and like your anxiety is off the charts. Now is a good moment to try to brainstorm.


Prepare to feel like a rainbow emerging after a fresh rain, Sagittarius. You are radiant and glorious now. Mighty Mars, the red planet of passion and power, is roaring like a racehorse through your solar eleventh house. A surge of popularity within your social circle and in your network is coming your way. This is a great time to align with the right people who can guide you to reach some of your heart’s wildest and most wondrous hopes and dreams. Go for it!


Pull up your Google doc and calendar that outlines your ambitious plans for the year ahead, Capricorn. Mighty Mars, the planet of action, is powering up your solar tenth house of achievement. This will grant you the strength to reach higher in your career and tackle large-scale projects with complete confidence. However, if you’d like to look for a competitive job or pursue an award, seize the day. Cosmic energy is on your side.


Grab your calendar and start googling where you’d like to vacation in the year ahead, Aquarius. The horizon is calling! Mighty Mars, the red planet of passion and activity, is bringing full strength to your solar ninth house of expansion. You may have more opportunities to suddenly jet off to exotic or unique locales. Instead, if involved in legalities, academics, or the media, you could decide it’s time to tackle a big new project.


Sex and passion are being magnetized to you this week, Pisces! Indulge in your body! As mighty Mars, our planet of strength and activity, roars through your solar eighth house, you could find more synergy when it comes to union and intimacy with a significant other. However, this could instead be causing friction around wealth, investments, and assets. If this is the case, get a reign on your spending.