Your Daily TeenScope for April 20, 2024

April 20, 2024

Let’s face it—most “teen” horoscopes are written by folks whose ages haven’t ended with “-teen” since 2002 and are subsequently pretty cringe. We can’t guarantee that our daily horo will never be cringe, but we can guarantee that it’ll at least be useful.


Like a puppy whose toy has been stolen by a bigger dog, you could easily go into a pouting, barking frenzy today. Instead, try staying away from the bigger dogs. Take some time to yourself to think and dream.


Anything may inspire wild jealousy today-- from one person's brand-name possession to another's easy interaction with your crush. Just take a deep breath and get back to your senses. Recognize your sensitivity and reduce it.


Slow, calculating steps toward knowledge guide you into a field many would call unknowable, whether that's the science of romance, the art of perfect jeans or quantum mechanics. Let your curiosity guide you.


That signature of yours has power, and today, the best way to keep your power is to hold back. So don't sign anything you don't have to and consider all of the ramifications first. Think like an IRS auditor, cool and logical.


You've never fallen for a glossy sheen on anything -- you're too interested in the inner workings to let the exterior fool you. That'll be a major asset today when you take the lid off a plot before it's even hatched.


Magnetism, gravity, and telepathy are all invisible, but when it comes to relationships, you can observe them influencing. You're a master of analyzing the unseen, so unravel some curious relationships in your neighborhood.


Your wallet's doing the talking today, and you're letting your heart close up like a clam. Open that crusty shell and be yourself, warm and giving. If thoughts of coolness pursue you, banish them with style.


Confidence rolls from you like waves crashing on a beach, changing the face of the sand below. You're a force of nature, altering the world and allowing for the cycle of birth, death, and regeneration.


That curiosity of yours flares up big time when a mystery arrives before you. Dive into that deep whirlpool of the unknown and let your conclusions emerge as art, writing, dance or song.


Superpowers hide in your decision-making processes today, turning you from a flounder into a sleek killer whale, ready to charge a school of fish and go home with dinner. So stretch those fins and get ready.


Strong feelings about your place in the universe take shape and make you crave social usefulness today. Read biographies of famous people who shaped the world, such as Churchill, Roosevelt or Newton. They'll inspire you.


A smooth-talker tries to pull the wool over your eyes with a scheme, but as a wolf in sheep's clothing, you rather enjoy biting your way out. Explode when necessary and prove your mettle.