Your Daily Work Horoscope for April 23, 2023

April 23, 2023

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Everyone needs a pat on the back every now and then. If you see someone slacking off, you don't mince words, so don't hold back on the praise. In fact, be downright magnanimous with it.


No one can shame you into giving up your leave. They can preach all they want, but your travel plans are firm. You'll be that much more productive when you come back refreshed.


Undercurrents in the office are sapping your drive. Is every comment really filled with nuance and suggestion, or is your psyche playing ticks on you again? Figure it out!


It's one of those days. You just want to do your work uninterrupted. If others want to think you're a workaholic, let them. They don't have to know about your need to be alone.


You can't tackle the whole world single-handedly. Rope in some help. Once you start organizing your colleagues, the results will be seen and admired far and wide.


You shouldn't have to sacrifice everything for your job. What are the chances of meeting someone through work? Take off early if you can. Romance awaits.


Working long hours makes you feel sentimental, but for all the wrong reasons. Learn to balance home and work. It will help you get the most out of each.


Blind ambition is a handicap because it makes you too competitive. Not getting along with coworkers is shooting yourself in the foot. Take a breath and shake hands.


Some bosses just don't like independent thinkers. Your first job is to figure out if this is the case with yours. Being frank and open is the wrong approach, so do some tiptoeing around the issue.


Having a great day is totally within your control. But if you just wait for it to fall in your lap, it never will. It won't take long for your plan to work, though, so get started.


You just can't force people to have your work ethic. But you don't have to watch them flail away all day either. Close your door or wear headphones, if that helps, and keep your nose to the grindstone.


Coworkers can't help you this time, but others can. Friends in high places come in handy, it goes without saying. Call in some favors. It's time for them to settle up.