Finden Sie Ihr Sternzeichen heraus

Der Himmel heute,
3. Dezember

At 12:13 a.m.: The moon is square Uranus

Just after midnight, the Leo moon squares off with Uranus in Taurus, stimulating unexpected events. To our surprise, we can make kneejerk decisions that escalate drama. What feels at first like a proper response, might later be a source of regret. Take a breath. Avoid doubling down on your initial impulse, or you’ll only create a bigger mess. To offset unrest, admit when you’ve acted out of line. Humility and flexibility will get you everywhere now!

At 5:29 a.m.: Venus is square Pluto

Around dawn, Venus squares off with Pluto in Capricorn, catalyzing romantic conflict. Our inclination while Venus in Libra is to keep the peace, yet problematic power dynamics test our patience today. This influence has been slow to build, and it may now be impossible to ignore issues between ourselves and a partner.  Consider whether you have the same priorities or love language. Is this relationship becoming stronger with time, or are there blocks to intimacy that have gotten more challenging to break through? This transit doesn’t necessarily signal breakups, especially if you are committed to facing your fears together. However, something must be dramatically readjusted.  For those who are unpartnered, an unexpected karmic entanglement may be the beginning of a new relationship. Be mindful of how you are communicating, as obsessions can quickly devolve into fatal attractions.