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Get back on a healthy track today. You've been running on a treadmill towards obesity with all of...

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Your stubborn ways won't win you any friends today. There's a time to push for what you want and a...

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Focusing on all of the details could cause your brain to practically explode today. You're better...

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You're in plan-making mode today. You're tired of playing things by ear, so keep your eyes peeled...

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It's time to reevaluate your life plan. Your current strategy obviously isn't working, so think of...

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It's a good day to get going on a project. Make sure that you're organized so you don't let things...

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Silence that inner critic of yours today. You have enough people telling you how crappy you are...

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A secret that's been haunting you could very well be unveiled today. If you want to keep things...

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Everyone will drive you bananas today. Rather than grate your teeth, try to smile and tell yourself...

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Call a friend long distance from work today. They don't pay you enough to be able to afford it...

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Don't always believe what's in front of you. I'm sure you'd like to do this with your reflection in...

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Suss out who you're really dealing with before deciding on what move to make next today. It's like...

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