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Daily Astroslam


Your apparent desperation could interfere with the possibility for romance today. Acting...

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You'll do yourself proud today. But don't you worry; you'll totally screw up tomorrow, so it all...

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Your flippant remarks may not fly so well with people today. While you may think your quips are...

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Tap into your resources today to find out whether you're getting a good deal. You can't always...

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Creativity will be oozing out of your pores today. Hey, at least something non-greasy comes out of...

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People will be breathing down your neck so you'll get stuff done today. They wouldn't have to ride...

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Screw examining the details today. The big picture is scary enough, so you might as well ignore as...

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Your ego could cause you to clash with a superior today. Don't act like the boss, well, unless...

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Force a smile onto your face today. If you exude happiness, you're more likely to get it. But since...

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You'll feel like every task is an uphill battle today. Forget about putting up a fight. No matter...

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You'll experiment with something new on a whim today. In an attempt to cool off and satiate your...

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Your mind will wander to a happy place today. One that is far, far away from you're very real, and...

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