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Daily BeautyScope


Take a look at brands or companies that you thought were too outdated for you to buy. Turns out...

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Basic black is always a safe fall-back for your outfits, but keep in mind that other deep shades...

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Take a break from celeb and style information sources. Instead of focusing on how other people look...

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It's quite possible you're having a small bout of fragrance fatigue, so make sure you keep it to...

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Time to look inside your makeup bag. If you find crumbled remains of old eye shadows, dried-out...

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What you wear should enhance your personality, not define or detract from it. Admire what other...

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Quick fixes only address the surface. If you're obsessing about wrinkles, take action with diet and...

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Tired of blow-drying your hair every morning? Give yourself a break and shower at night. Apply a...

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All the experts say not to squeeze blemishes, but it's a fact that everybody does it. If you must...

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It's a good day to clean out your desk drawers. Who knows what you'll find? Chances are you'll...

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Steam your way to a healthier body and a better state of mind. Try an at-home facial or spend time...

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Try not to be territorial today, even if a sibling tells you that the bob is 'her' haircut or she...

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