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Daily BeautyScope


Which requires more of a makeover, your closet or your house? You have enough cash to buy a great...

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Celebrity endorsements pack a punch, whether it's your favorite actress touting a skin care line or...

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A clothing-swap party can be a lot of fun, but you're not sure you're in the mood. Can you RSVP as...

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You say you want a brand-new look, but when you look at photos of yourself from the last few years,...

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Who can live the glamorous life all the time? Sometimes you want to be comfortable and...

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You have your father's eyes, your mother's build, but your style is all your own. It's interesting...

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You sent your friend to your hairstylist and she's not happy with the results. Please don't make...

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Did you know washing clothes in cold water will help them last longer (and gets them just as clean...

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Strange but true: you can ask a stranger where she got her hair cut and she'll tell you gladly, but...

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Errands and duties take precedence over fashion, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to old...

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If you have a big evening planned, take it easy style-wise during the day -- after all, you don't...

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Who doesn't love a homemade remedy? There's something so appealing about a face mask or a hair...

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