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Daily BeautyScope


Your stylist says you can't have the 'do you've envisioned, but you know that you just need someone...

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You can't always control the elements or how your style will interact with them. So carry an...

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You can't always wash your hands, but those hand sanitizers just don't cut it -- and they dry out...

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Beauty routines should be done because they make you feel better, not because you're worried how...

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Two-for-ones or gifts with purchase aren't always a great deal; sometimes they add more clutter....

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Putting clothes on credit? It's tempting, especially when you try on a great new pair of boots....

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Unusual materials make for eye-catching accessories. Look for a cuff made in pewter instead of one...

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Some things, like good news, dessert and a great shade of lip gloss should always be shared with...

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Treat yourself like an honored guest: break out the best, most fluffy towels in your closet and...

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Those lip plumpers really work, but they also sting a lot more than you'd like. Try experimenting...

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'Haste makes waste' isn't a meaningless saying. Take your time with your beauty routines and enjoy...

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If you find yourself having to clean up after an eyebrow shaping or a manicure session, it might be...

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