Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar


The most compelling stories in the sky are taking place from a Vedic reference point, as today we see the sun join Jupiter, Ketu (the moon’s south node), Saturn, and Pluto in sidereal Sagittarius. The power and depth of change are highlighted, and it’s as if the forces of creation and destruction are heating up, and striving to find a positive balance. With so much happening in this fire sign, unfortunately, we may also see the destructive power of heat, fanaticism, or warfare.

Mars and Saturn form a potent sextile this week, each from a place of power, so the brewing Saturn-Pluto conjunction and upcoming eclipses have a powerful grounding agent that may be rich in practical and financial productivity. It’s a fine time to focus on the things we can control, however mundane, in order to give your more profound transformations some time and breathing room. Visualize yourself as who you wish to be: grounded in action, free from the fear and self-judgment that has denied the world your fully radiant self.

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