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The Sky Today,
May 30

At 7:43 a.m.: The moon is square Venus

In the morning, the Pisces moon squares off with Venus in Gemini, a dreamy and romantic influence. Laziness or distraction can cause trouble at work. Concentrating on tasks that aren’t creative or socially constructive can be a challenge. Our minds are elsewhere, perhaps preoccupied with a crush. Instead of going to the source to clarify feelings, we’d rather daydream up fantasy scenarios. An overactive imagination may create drama, so try to keep your feet on the ground. 

At 10:13 a.m.: The moon is square the sun

Mid-morning, the Pisces last quarter moon invites us to reflect upon events that transpired during the May 23 Sagittarius full moon. At that time, we were called to broaden our horizons by expanding our social networks. Thinking bigger and optimistically was our task. Certain fears were addressed and eliminated so we would feel less apprehensive about accepting a new mission. Yet today, it is not apprehension, but idealism, that is our issue. We are in a positive, generous, and good-natured frame of mind, and we may be inspired to help further a community project or help a friend achieve their goals instead. This inclination isn’t bad, in fact, it can potentially open doors for us. However, if we abandon our mission entirely because it’s easier to help others meet their milestones, we’ll do ourselves a great disservice.