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When your human family gets emotional, you want to join right in. Don't suppress your feelings. It...

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Should you stay in or go out? You'll know intuitively which to choose. And if not, you can always...

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Your human may think being tight with money makes perfect sense. Until you set them straight, that...

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There will be no begging for attention, that's for sure. The spotlight is on you today, so make the...

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Being loving comes naturally to you. It's just an unconscious thing. But what is conscious is your...

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You are energized by other dogs, and it doesn't have to be anything formal. Fetch is fine, but...

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Some flexibility is fine, but don't let your human tug too hard on your leash. Talking is not more...

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When your human gets that faraway look, it's time to zoom in. You'll get just what you want if you...

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Not sure if you should pull forward or stay by your owner's heels? Follow your mood. Your energies...

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Some humans always overreact when it comes to dogs, and some just do it on occasion. But either way...

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Your routine is out the window. Health issues may get in the way of exercise, but not your health....

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Trying to understand your humans' interest in the arts is almost mind bending. Break it down into...

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