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Daily DogScope


Give yourself a few seconds before barking. Your usual means of picking up clues is skewed today,...

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You know what they say about dogs and babies. If your human got you because he thought you'd be...

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If you're trying to follow new rules, your owner isn't shedding much light on the subject. Trying...

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You put a lot of effort into being a good dog, but believe it or not, your human loves you for the...

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A strong leader has to be adaptable. Let your dogs run free for the day so they can socialize. You...

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I think, therefore I am. That makes you want to throw in your two cents worth at every opportunity....

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You've got a lot of good energy, and you want to balance what you do with it with staying connected...

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Your owner is putting all their attention on business deals. They're forgetting something, and it's...

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Once you see the big picture, you'll understand the small details a bit better. When you discover...

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Learning new tricks is fun, but you're not overboard, and your humans shouldn't be, either. If they...

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A new dog starts a buzz, among the other humans that is. The rules of the dog park are both written...

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Your human is focusing on too many things at once. There's one thing he's sure to never overlook,...

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