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Daily FoodScope


You'll need to ask for directions on your drive for success today. Pick up a passenger who can show...

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Plan on bringing food along if you must travel by air today. Trail mix, granola and perhaps a roast...

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Your supervisor will recognize your hard work today, so a lunch invitation may be forthcoming. But...

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Surly co-workers may misinterpret your kind gestures today. They could get insulted when you share...

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Put your ego aside and let friends help you today. They may be concerned for your health and want...

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Your hard work may pay off today in the form of a financial bonus. It would be wise to bank most of...

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Pining over lost love will only serve to depress you today. There's no changing the past, so do...

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The boss will be in a great mood today, and you'll be the one to thank for that. Co-workers will...

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Your culinary tastes can be termed eclectic and you'll try anything once. So have something...

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You'll help co-workers get the recognition they deserve today. They in turn will recognize you for...

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You may feel unusually tired today. Take this as the warning signs of an approaching cold. You may...

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The day will roll easy, and it'll be nice to relax for a change. Use this time to prepare for...

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