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Daily FoodScope


You'll actually be glad to see co-workers today. It'll be nice to see what interesting home made...

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You'll rail at co-workers today for being strange and eccentric. You'll tell them that there's no...

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You may meet someone today who will change your point of view. They'll even give examples that will...

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You'll be too emotional to deal with aloof co-workers today. They won't take anything seriously and...

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Clinging to nasty habits may be compromising your attempts to live a healthier life. So you may...

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Someone sexy may be giving you the eyes at work today. You may not be in a position to do anything...

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Attempts to connect intellectually with co-workers will fail miserably today. So have lunch by...

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The boss will be in good mood. He'll be in an even better mood if you buy him lunch. A sausage...

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The internet can be a great place to exchange ideas, especially for foodies. You can tell friends a...

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Give a shout out to your co-workers today. The boss may finally give them the recognition they...

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You'll have energy to burn today. In fact, you may be so energized that you'll get on co-workers'...

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You can help co-workers get projects completed today, but you won't be able to assist with their...

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