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Daily FoodScope


Your reputation as a foodie will be on the line today. Friends will press you for the best place...

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Make sure your travel plans are firm before your day of departure. Airline travel can be...

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Your partner will show you who wears the pants in the family today. You can avoid power struggles...

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You'll leave problems at work behind as you enjoy the day. Start the day by visiting your favorite...

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You'll have a very strong sense of what you want today. It won't be easy to find, but you'll search...

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Today will be as wonderful as having Emeril Lagasse stop by to cook you his rock shrimp in creole...

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You'll feel weird today, like you're not even here. A power breakfast will help with that. Pancakes...

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You'll be in opposition with your family over what to have for breakfast today. You'll want to...

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The bills are due, so you'll have to cut corners. There's not much in the cupboards, but you can...

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You may be feeling quite restless today. Instead of feeding that nervous energy with feel-good food...

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Your kids may run around like chickens without heads today. Channel that energy by taking them to...

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Your friends in high places won't impress you today. You'll be turned off by their caviar dreams...

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