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You'll enter the work ring today with the belligerence of a prizefighter stinging like a bee....

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Your moods may be as dark as night today. Throw a little light on them by doing something special...

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Indulging in too much artery clogging foods could have you heading or a health fall. Taking Vitamin...

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Your emotions will rage like the sea in a storm today. But do what you can to from reaching typhoon...

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You'll display the ego of a high-priced yet marginally talented NBA star today. So let some air...

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Set realistic goals for yourself today. It may not be possible to get the body of a Greek Olympian...

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Others will accuse you of being selfish today, like that's a bad thing. Sometimes people need to...

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A regeneration of energy will seize you midway thorough the day. You'll feel, refreshed,...

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You may feel shy and introverted today, and being around people could be hard. So avoid the crowds...

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Feeling sharp and focused today makes it a good one to craft important decisions. Get those out of...

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A need to be socially useful today will be countered by the urge to go incognito. You can do both...

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You'll dream today that you're a pearl diver searching the ocean floor for the ultimate treasure....

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