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Daily GayScope


Your emotions could get the best of you today if you don't find an outlet. Don't think you're any...

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You may be sick of the snooty attitude of men, so hang out with your gal pals today. Plan fun...

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Recent financial downturns may force you to get tight with your money today. The timing couldn't be...

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Today's a good one to grab the bull by the horns. Being confident and assertive will help you get...

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You'll see your sensitive side emerge today. This may not sit too well as you make the social...

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You'll be quite the therapist today as friends come to you with their problems. You'll offer...

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Share your manscaping skills with friends today, because some of them may really need it. Teach...

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Stock up on extra Kleenex today if you plan on watching any sad movies tonight. Even the manliest...

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You may find yourself attracted to someone who is completely different from you. Your energies may...

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Deal with issues as they arise today. This will keep them from exploding in your face at the most...

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Why so serious? Your raging emotions could derail what should be a relaxing day. Keeping them under...

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You'll have tons of romantic fun as guys will be attracted to your dreamy, sensitive side. They'll...

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