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You may find yourself getting into arguments with just about everyone today. This combative...

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You may be indecisive today, which will lead to a lot of wasted time. Not being able to make quick,...

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You've got a lot of great ideas brewing in your brain, and today's a good one to get them off the...

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Work projects will have too many little details, and you just won't have the focus to deal with...

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Avoid lecturing coworkers about their shortcomings today. They won't appreciate what you have to...

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Measure your words carefully when communicating with others today. If they give you that puzzled,...

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You're energy levels will be high today, so set out on some new adventures. Make sure they're safe...

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Trips to Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City are not advised today. Gambling with your money will only...

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It's frustrates you that you can't get into intellectual conversations with your present circle of...

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Trim your life to the bare essentials today. Get rid of any extraneous baggage because it'll only...

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Find new ways to communicate creatively today. Mime, hand signals, acting out, whatever. Like the...

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Stay where you are today, and get thoughts of moving right out of your head. Perhaps you should...

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