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Today will be an adventurous day, full of action and bold maneuvers. You'll have to shuck and jive...

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The only thing worse than power struggles at home will be those at work. In short, the day will be...

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Pull the reins on your opinions today, as there may be those who take offense. There's no easier...

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Recent financial gains will have stepping out the bargain basement today, on the escalator up to...

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Just when you think you're at the top of your game, something knocks you down a few pegs....

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Don't feel guilty for wanting to punch out the next person who calls you a fierce tranny. You won't...

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Take off the X-Ray specs today as the details will be the least of your problems. You'll need to...

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You'll feel a churning deep in your gut today and the first makings of a migraine. This will be...

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If life were a long-distance flight, you'll be bumped to first class! Good fortune will flash you a...

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Co-workers will be like children today, and guess who's the babysitter? You'll have to do a lot of...

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Compromises often must be struck in any kind of collaboration. Romantically, it means lifestyle...

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The office will resemble an episode of 'Maury' today, you know, the one with the transvestites?...

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Many Moons

Are Full Moon Babies Smarter? How to Discover Your Moon Phase and What It Means

Each phase of the lunar cycle has its own special power – and its imprint at birth can last the rest of our lives!

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