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Daily GayScope


Your hard work in wooing a certain guy may be paying off as you're finally feeling a sense of...

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Here comes that urge for decadent indulgence again. How will you satisfy it? That question could...

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Busybodies will shatter your concentration today. It won't be their incessant gossiping that will...

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Expect mixed reactions today to some of your kookier plans for the next weekend. Going to gay...

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You'll be the titan of ostentation today, the prince of pomposity. There won't be enough room for...

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Soul searching could have you feeling remorse for your myriad of past indiscretions. It may have...

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Look closely at all your alliances today. There are those who don't want you to be sole survivor....

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You're brave enough today to face a daunting challenge today. You will smote fear, and wrestle it...

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Getting analytical about things could have you seeing the finer details. Look deeper past the...

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Show the world your childlike side today. No, not the one that still wets the bed, but the one that...

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You've finally bedded that guy, but it's like you've walked on the moon. What do you do for an...

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You keep penning love letters to the guy of your dreams, but you never send them. Could it be you...

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