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Be prepared to hear something you're not ready for (or really don't want to). The three magic words...

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It's all about health right now -- even when it comes to your leisure time. Hawaii's absolutely...

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Communication is key right now. Someone, unbeknownst to them, has been doing something that's...

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You're somewhat of a packrat, and though it hasn't bothered you much in the pass, all your stuff's...

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Your irrational sentimentality is getting in the way of your sanity. You've held on to that Cabbage...

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Ride this sweet wave of change right now -- your momentum is all time. But be prepared for a sticky...

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Treading in dark emotional waters won't get you anywhere. Snap out of it; you can't do anything to...

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Your significant other's a flirt; you're more of the quiet type. And, well, you're jealous for two...

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You disapprove of someone close to you. Maybe he or she's a crappy parent or dating a complete...

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Dumped on is a good way to explain how you're feeling lately. And you owe it to a certain friend...

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Between the showers, the weddings and the birthdays, you're going broke on presents. And that's why...

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Don't be surprised to experience a little indecision mixed with resentment and confusion. A pal...

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