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Some of your favorite foods in the world, you would far too terrified to ever try to make. Coq au...

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Practice showing tolerance to others with a smile on your face. Accepting the kindness of others...

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You find that you have a hankering for the lighter foods that won't bog you (or your belly) down....

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Before you drop a wad of cash on a brand-new TV, make a list of the things you actually need to buy...

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It may not be Valentine's Day, but there's no reason you can't pay homage to the heart. Make...

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While yoga does amazing things for your mental state of mind, it also helps with your flexibility....

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Sometimes you really amaze yourself. Just when you think you're out of fresh ideas, necessity steps...

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With a fiery nature, you never shy away from competition, and you love a good challenge. Take on a...

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A grump on the other end of the phone first thing in the morning can set a ruinous tone for the day...

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When you cook the meal, you may feel possessive about the leftovers. So when a housemate devours...

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You haven't even thought about marshmallows in years, but all of a sudden, it will be the only...

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While housemates bicker in another room; you shut them out by turning on the mixer and whipping up...

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