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Daily HomeScope


Let caution rule your day. Have your fireplace serviced if you have not already done so. The wall...

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Now that it's your own business you need to be more careful on those inevitable trips. You sleep...

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Do not ignore your health. Water purifies and cleanses the body. Drink water instead of soda and...

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Watch out that you do not become embroiled in petty squabbles. Your highest good requires strength...

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Thrifty? Not really. You just can't stand the thought of waste. Freeze leftover wine into ice cubes...

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This is a good time to ask your boss about telecommuting. You can skip the part about working in...

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The need to be frugal is upon you. No money for bookshelves but there is wood in the garage. Make...

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Count on references from housemates when choosing a mechanic. The professional with the education...

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Cold is not a bad thing; sometimes, it can prepare you to move ahead quicker. Freeze cheese for a...

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It feels as if every time you sit down you think of something you forgot you needed to go out and...

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The costs will outweigh the fun if you do it until you drop and use plastic. Credit cards are not...

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Art will speak to you today. Check out the abstract paintings in an online gallery. Allow yourself...

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