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You and your partner can't stop arguing over who is the salt and who is the pepper in this...

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Empty out your briefcase, pick it up and whack it a couple of times to release the crumbs and...

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Go ahead and splurge on new sheets for your bed, and don't stand there and contemplate the thread...

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You're so carried away in your own thoughts as you drag the hose around the garden that you could...

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You get home, start cooking dinner, feed the cat, sweep the floor, and check the moisture of your...

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It won't take much to get your neighbor to lend you their trampoline for the cookout this weekend...

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It's no problem to build a wall in your house, go running and come home in time to make spring...

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A woman is walking down the street with the most gorgeous embroidered shirt you've ever seen and...

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You are the ultimate host as you offer exotic fruit cocktails and watermelon-honeydew-cantaloupe...

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Are you inclined to make a sweet-and-sour soup? Black-and-white movies are right up your alley. Not...

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It's time to think ahead and contemplate what you can do in your garden. Envision fall harvest...

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Show your kindness by surprising a friend who's a little down with a basket of fresh vegetables...

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