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If she hasn't picked up on your signals, you'll have to be a little more straightforward. Remember...

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If you don't make an effort to use your brain, your crotch is going to do all the thinking for you....

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Writing an email or sending a text message seems like the easy way to deal with this problem, but...

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You may not think of yourself as an innovator, but that idea you've been tossing around may end up...

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You could bleed yourself dry trying to please her and she still wouldn't be happy. It's time for...

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You're bored with your life because you keep doing the same things and going to the same places...

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Put down the pork chop and back away from the creme puffs -- overdoing it and overeating will cause...

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You're wearing your sexual desire like a tight t-shirt today. Some people might cry 'slut!' but...

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You will find yourself needlessly frustrated by, well, everything and everyone today. There's...

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If your love life could be forecasted like the weather, it would call for a high chance of romance...

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You can't beat your boredom if you keep doing the same things over and over again. It's time for...

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Trying to plan a special night for you and a lover or your friends can be stressful and costly, but...

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Stellar Guidance

5 Super Magical Rituals to Honor Summer Solstice 2018

The first day of Cancer season falls on the same day as summer solstice this year! Balance out the masculine and feminine energies of the sun and the moon with these 5 powerful rituals.

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