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Daily LesbianScope


If you start feeling that lonely feeling associated with your occasional bouts of depression, don't...

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Don't let this one bummer ruin everything else in your life. You have too much going on right now...

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Don't start spending money frivolously just because you can. You'll want to go all out later and...

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It's okay to take it easy if you're not feeling up to par, today. Take this time to work on an...

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You will have to swallow your pride and do something you're a little overqualified for at work...

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If you start to feel like you have the energy of a slug, you can rely on the support of coworkers...

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Things are going to move really slowly for the next few days, so don't get too upset if a project...

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You're what they would call an emotional wreck, today. It's not that you're crying or yelling (but...

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You will have to interact with someone who's on a totally different page -- no, a totally different...

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You can't predict what problems the future will bring -- so stop worrying about what hasn't...

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Working out can be as good for your mind as it can be for your body. It's time you amped up your...

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You do so much for other people (sometimes you don't even realize it) and they really appreciate it...

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