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What's that in the kiddo's apple? A big worm! Turns out it's only a gummy one -- and that you put...

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Gotcha! The little one will get a huge kick out of watching you try to pick up the penny they...

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You're on your game today -- which is a very good thing. A quick pat down of the tyke before school...

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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Prepare the kids' breakfasts as usual, but make sure to add some...

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This is a wonderful day to set an example for your children. You might begin by switching them in...

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If you use some quick reasoning, you can stay one step ahead of the tyke and their pranks. Make...

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If the kiddos tell you one more time you've got something coming out of your nose (of course you...

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The temptation is there. After all, your little one doesn't know the old one about putting saran...

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Did you awake to find 5 alarm clocks in your room, all set to different times? Your little one...

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Communication is the top priority today. There are things you need to tell your kiddo, and you have...

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Creativity will help you play a special prank on your little tyke. Try spray painting a mushroom or...

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You may be a little overwhelmed by all your little one's jokes today. The best defense is an...

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