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You're meeting up with new people today -- maybe from quite a distance -- and are almost certainly...

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Someone close to you is currently at odds with you -- but the phase shouldn't last much longer. It...

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Communication is one of your specialties, and right now, you can keep up with the craziest torrents...

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You don't like to feel suspicious all the time, but right now, you may find that you can't help but...

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You soak up new information and concepts today with much greater ease -- not that you are usually...

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Financial problems might be plaguing you -- or just worries about the future -- and now is the time...

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Your business acumen is strong now, so it's a great time for launching new endeavors or negotiating...

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Walk away from every conflict today -- even if it means losing out on something big. You can always...

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You can take pleasure in life's smallest moments today -- and also momentous events! Your mood...

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What can you count on, deep down? It's the regular business that should capture your attention...

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Do your own thing today, no matter the cost. Your need to abide by your own rules is stronger than...

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You need to deal with someone who is not as they appear -- without letting on that you're on to...

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Many Moons

Why the Aries Full Moon Wants You to Chill the Hell Out in September

On this Harvest Moon, will you reap what you have sown?

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