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Your leadership abilities are unquestioned, but you may still find that it's easier for you to...

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Your conservative nature could be challenged by someone with a big, bold, new idea that they can't...

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Your opinions shift as much as your moods today, which is to say quite a lot! It's good to be so...

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How is your cash flow? You should be able to handle a little budgetary surprise, but this is a...

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Try your best to brainstorm new ideas today. The old stuff just isn't going to work now. That's...

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You may learn a few new tricks today. And you thought you had life down cold! Maybe you stumble...

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Your social energy means that you can get along famously with almost anyone, even that work enemy...

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You're struck by a strong urge to change things in a major way, so go for it! You should ask for...

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You are in a great place today, but that means that you're probably at the center of too many...

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Today is all about incremental changes. Look around for tweaks you can make to your routines that...

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You may not love public speaking, but you're a gifted orator for now. Use that talent to affect...

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Focus is hard to come by today, so you should take what you can get. When you find some downtime,...

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