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You could be a demon in the kitchen today, mixing and matching and inventing all sorts of delights....

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You may be mired in a power struggle that is more about ego than anything of importance. If you can...

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Your brain is full of great ideas today, so start talking and don't stop until you've convinced the...

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Think ahead today. You need to make sure that you're handling issues with the future in mind. Try...

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Your bright and shiny energy is keeping those around you alive and engaged, so keep it up! You...

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You really want to help that friend today, so drop everything and do what you can. Your karma gets...

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You've got friends, and friends of friends, who can help out whenever you call on them, so don't be...

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Do you need a babysitter? That might be too much, but you should still try to keep your behavior in...

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Can you really have too much of a good thing? Yes, sometimes, but not today! You seem to have...

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If you're a business owner or partner, there could be a setback today, but it's nothing...

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Experiment to learn something new today. You should find that your brainy energy is up to the task...

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You have to keep a firm grip on your imagination today or you might drift so far off that it takes...

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