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This is not the best time for hasty action -- you need to slow down and take work one step at a...

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Your amazing personal energy leads you to see things through another's eyes. It's one of those days...

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You've got to take action today -- thinking things through is unlikely to lead you anywhere good....

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It may feel like you're failing to communicate -- but it's not your fault this time! You need to...

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Try to listen carefully before taking action today -- there's a lot going on that you just don't...

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Your ambitions should be closer to the surface today -- so much so that you may give away more than...

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You hear something that feels weird today -- so much so that you might have to ask for confirmation...

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Your easygoing social energy makes life sweeter for those around you -- so make sure that you're...

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Examine your financial situation today -- you might be able to pick up more interest or cut some of...

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You nail that presentation or reap the rewards of all your hard work -- but it's time to build. You...

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Avoid the temptation to struggle against circumstance today -- people are resistant to anything...

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Expect to get an assist from the boss, or your board of directors -- or maybe someone even farther...

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Grounding Elements -

The Stars Are Shady as F*Ck This Week. Let This Playlist Be a Warning

This week, the stars align to F up your flow. Use this playlist to course-correct your heart!

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