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Now is the perfect time to get started on something big -- maybe something that needs a lawyer! You...

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You're having fun today, no matter what is on your plate. You may find that you can plow through...

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You're feeling a little more energetic than usual -- but it could be too much for some of your...

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Expect a few bumps in the road today. That doesn't mean you need to stay home to avoid troubles,...

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Focus your energy on other people today -- they need you more than they can say. It's a good time...

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You find yourself deep in discussion with someone unexpected today -- and almost certainly find...

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Your social life needs a boost -- so get out there! You've got exactly the right kind of energy to...

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You need to fully engage your people today -- the back and forth of deep conversation should shake...

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People are looking up to you today, even more so than usual. It's a good time for you to take a...

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You're working too hard! It might very well be that it's mandatory, but you know that sooner or...

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You're dealing with some personal troubles that might be blossoming into something much bigger --...

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Tackle that debt! If you're totally free of all debt, then take the day off to celebrate, but if...

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Stellar Guidance

5 Warning Signs of Bad Astrology Reading

Weed out the fakes with these 5 things to watch out for during an astrology reading.

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