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Try leading the pack today -- though you don't have to pay all that much attention to those behind...

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You would much rather get something done right than on time (though of course both would be better)...

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Whatever group you're part of today -- family, work, friends or train passengers -- probably needs...

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You might want to avoid highly charged conversations today, as it's easy to get yourself in trouble...

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You're up for good times with almost anyone right now -- so get out to a party or throw one...

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Try not to worry too much about other people's demands -- unless it's your boss, partner, or...

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You need to look beyond romance today, no matter what stage you're in, from long-single to...

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Your altruistic side is out in force right now -- and those around you couldn't be happier! You...

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Rethink whatever you're doing -- but not because you risk failure. It's just a great time to apply...

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A strategic postponement is definitely in order, so ring up that one appointment and ask them for...

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As usual, you're pretty far out ahead of the pack. Today's bold energy helps you set trends or...

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It's easier than ever to blend in with crowds -- even when you don't really feel like you belong....

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Grounding Elements -

Check Your Ego at the Door — It’s Your Full Moon in Aries Playlist

Thanks to Saturn’s presence, this full moon will have you checking your ego.

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