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You need to deal with some folks who are making life a lot more difficult than it really needs to...

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You and your pals are dealing with people who might turn into better friends -- but you need to...

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Your understanding of a friend or maybe a new subject in school takes off in a new way, and you may...

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You and your friends are in sync and ready for anything -- so get out there and see what kind of...

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You should look into your money situation -- maybe you're spending a little too much on something...

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This is a big day, even if it feels rather low-key. An achievement of some kind is made public (or...

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They say that life is in the details -- but you don't know where to begin. There are just way too...

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You have more info than anyone else, and you know what to do with it, too. It's a good time to hang...

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Someone decides they're the boss of you, and it's hard to get out from under their thumb -- for now...

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You can lay out all the details of your next big plan in a way that makes sense to you -- but it...

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There's too much going on to keep track of easily -- so ignore the details long enough to get a...

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Push yourself just a little bit harder today -- there's plenty that needs doing that you might need...

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