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You rise to the defense of someone who can't seem to protect themselves, and their gratitude should...

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It's a great time to get together with people, either as friends or something more. Your good...

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People are all in each other's business today -- but for some reason, you find it really irritating...

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Ring up a friend or two and make plans for later -- at least one of them has a hot idea that...

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It's time to think through your recent plans -- you may need to try something totally new! Even if...

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Everything is starting to make more sense to you; step up your efforts to tell your people about it...

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You have all it takes to make it through the day, so there's no need to check in with other folks...

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You are totally obsessed with some little detail (or set of details) that is surprising and kind of...

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This isn't a good time to ask anyone for favors -- especially not parents or teachers! They aren't...

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Life is pretty good -- and you feel completely sane, even if your family or friends seem to be...

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Try not to make a big deal out of it, but make sure you look more deeply than the surface today....

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Your research needs to end soon -- you have all the facts you need! It's a good time to put them...

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