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Daily TeenScope


Keep your conversations kind of short today -- not because you're feeling rude, but rather because...

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It's a good day to think about the short term, but leave any long-term planning off for another...

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You are in constant motion today, even if you have to park your butt somewhere for a while. Your...

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It seems as if everything you have to do today splits into an almost infinite number of aspects...

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You just don't know what to do next -- but the good news is that you don't have to decide right...

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It's the perfect day for cold, robotic logic. Things are good with your family, so you can let your...

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You have some new stuff to take care of today, and it should be pretty simple for you to find fun...

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Your careful eye notices something seemingly small that you can tell might bloom into something...

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It's a perfect day for heading out into the world and just thinking about the big picture. You...

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Today is all about passing notes back and forth, whether they're actual slips of paper, texts,...

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You are rippling with great energy, and just about everything you do should surprise someone. You...

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You're pretty creative even on your blah days, and right now, you feel so full of odd ideas and fun...

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