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Month of May 2020: You’re focused on security matters as the month of May begins.

On May 4, the sun meets Mercury, bringing clarity on security matters, followed by the Scorpio full moon three days later, highlighting your career, a professional situation, and your public image. You’re in a safe and financially secure position to make the changes you’re contemplating. But this sets in motion a series of developments, setting you on a journey of deeper discovery.

On the tenth, Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius, and remains here until July 1, when it reenters Capricorn. Since the end of March, you’ve had to take on greater responsibility. This is now a phase of inner, personal restructuring and a chance to integrate your lessons and growth and rebuild yourself from the inside out.

As Venus stations retrograde on May 12, you’re entering a period of reconnecting with your creativity, passion, and authenticity. You might have second thoughts about a situation or feel divided about something you want. Be creative and you might not have to choose. Jupiter stations retrograde in Capricorn on the fourteenth, reconnecting you with a dream you’d almost given up hope on. You may not have all the answers, but have faith in a soul vision and you can be guided to manifest it.

Finally, the Gemini new moon aligns on May 22, followed by Mercury’s ingress into Cancer on the twenty-eighth, offering you a chance to reconnect with your inner child. You can make a living doing what you love. Put your heart into all you do, nurture what matters, and you can draw in a greater flow of well-being.

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