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aquarius Horoscope

Month of Oct 2019: October shakes you up, just in case you’ve taken root, things are growing stale, and you need something to nudge you out of your routine. That something would be your restless mind that longs for insights. In this light, it’s convenient that investigative Pluto makes a direct turn, propelling you forward? Is it a coincidence (or luck) that investigative Mercury enters Scorpio and your career sign just when Mars begins a transit that occurs once every two and one-half years in Libra and your exploration and expansion sign on October 3? Mars says, “I dare you!”

The seventh is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting.

Find a path around obstacles on October 12 when Venus and Mars aspect mystical Uranus to stimulate improvements and moneymaking in a most unusual way.

The week of the fourteenth, the sun squares empowering and regenerated Pluto. The planets are everything you need to escape your root-bound status.

The Scorpio new moon in your career sign on October 27 heralds activity in the 30 days that follow the phase. It’s the starting point for whatever you want. Next month’s theme tosses in the need for a bit of backtracking before you advance forward.

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