Month of Jul 2020: You’re holding yourself to the highest standards, which is quite hard to believe considering how much you've been grinding it out these days, Aries.

This month brings brand-new perspectives surrounding a sense of order and control. There are plenty of times for you to really shift your personal paradigm and confront your deepest fears head-on. Allowing your bold personality to be front and center while tackling business projects will enable financial gains, especially as Mars continues to roll through your sign.

It's important to take extreme measures around accountability with the Capricorn lunar eclipse on July 4. There's more work to go around than you once considered. It's time for you to really dive into the pool regarding your own diligent efforts. Spend more time looking into self-marketing more wisely, and pay attention to market trends. It will set you on the right track to dominate your field.

This is a time of extremes for the sign of the Ram, and you’re able to withstand the elements and gain great admiration from your peers. Yes, there will be major challenges to face. You might even need to take on several roles or consider splitting your time in order to earn multiple paychecks. Either way, whatever energy you put in you’ll get in return. It’s time to trust yourself and show the world what you can really do!

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