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Month of Apr 2020: This month marks the culmination of events that began to unfold in January. It marks the beginning of an overarching, total transformation in your career over the coming year. Pay attention to what is unfolding. Take stock of your growing ambitions and the ones you’ve outgrown. You’re breaking out of a mold that has perhaps become too limiting. You might be striking out on your own, leaving a secure job for a freelance career, starting a business, undergoing a corporate restructuring, or widening your scope in your community.

Midmonth brings a significant personal and professional turning point. A dream opportunity could arise. You’re coming into your own, but it might mean that you have to let go of a position to step into a new role. You have the freedom to negotiate your terms. Consciously release ideas and conditioning and ask yourself what success means to you and what you would do to get it. Think win/win. You can make mindful creative choices and negotiate financial arrangements in which you mutually benefit and gain.

By the end of the month, you’re seeing the underbelly of a situation, allowing you to make definitive choices. Financially, there are unexpected developments unfolding, perhaps a breakthrough. Dig deeper for your values, self-esteem, and true sense of security. Avoid expectations, compromising your values, or clinging to expectations of material gain—or even security. Then you can truly advance and reclaim power in a situation. Have faith that anything that falls away is opening the door to something more solid.

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