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Month of Jan 2020: Happy New Year! As you enter January, you’re between eclipses, suggesting you’re in the midst of major changes unfolding professionally and calling for a total structural overhaul. Whether you’re changing careers, in the middle of a corporate restructuring, or reexamining your life’s purpose, have faith.

Your ruling planet Mars is in Sagittarius and asking that you keep your options open and set your sights high. What’s giving way is actually opening you to a whole new field of possibilities that wouldn’t have been possible before. It takes a visionary to see the potential, and this is a chance to expand and humbly reach for your most optimistic vision. Themes surrounding publishing, international connections, legal matters, higher education, and global expansion are highlighted.

With Venus in Aquarius, your social networks are a valuable resource you can tap, especially if you’re seeking investments. Crowdfunding might be a viable option that expands your reach beyond your limited circle. Even if it feels like the bottom is falling out of certain situations, trust that what’s breaking down is offering you a chance for a new order to take shape. This is not just about your success; it’s also about your gift and legacy to the world. Think globally, act globally, and you can gather the support you need.

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