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Month of May 2020: You’re on top of your game as you enter the month of May.

The sun is in Taurus, highlighting your career, and it meets Mercury on May 4, bringing an important opportunity your way. The Scorpio full moon aligns three days later, and a professional situation is peaking and highlighting security matters. Things are essentially stable, but you’re learning information, making decisions, and ushering in a phase of powerful changes like dominos falling.

First, Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius on the tenth, opening and closing doors in relationships and asking you to reflect on your boundaries. Now you can strengthen and restructure important relationships so there is greater mutual support.

On May 12, Venus stations retrograde in Gemini, highlighting a social situation, your networks, community, peers, and perhaps social media presence. You're learning information that asks you to reevaluate your associations and dearly held aspirations. But avoid comparing yourself with peers, trying to please, or compromising your values, and choose your company wisely. Stay true to a vision for the uplifting of the collective and you can inspire the support you need.

Finally, Jupiter stations retrograde on the fourteenth, bringing major changes at work and in your routines and perhaps stalling projects. This is a chance to restructure your life, work, and schedules so you have greater freedom to focus on what matters most to you and experience a greater sense of being rewarded daily.

The Gemini new moon aligns on May 22, and you're reconnecting with friends, learning information, and being presented with surprising opportunities to reach for a dream. Keep your cards close to your chest. You're nearing a significant turning point next month that will show you the people you can trust and count on to be in your corner.

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