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Month of Nov 2019: November’s transits are indicators of how to accomplish the essence of your dreams. It’s important to weigh and analyze them so you know where to go with ambition as your driving force. Venus starts the month in your career sign with a realization of your own singularity (a great confidence builder).

November 6 is a lucky day to search and send out resumes. Schedule interviews and meetings under lucky stars.

On the eighth, problem-solver Saturn sextiles problem dissolver Neptune, which is good news when it comes to dealing with obstacles to advancement. You make progress, although it’s a bit slow, over the next few weeks.

Mercury trines Neptune on November 13 and it’s a chance to get back in the loop or decide if you want to remain on the outskirts. Tomorrow, Venus in last degrees squares Neptune, and you’re reviewing those ties.

On the eighteenth, Scorpio Mars heralds changes and/or new enterprises during the planet’s transit of your sign of expansion.

On November 25, Venus in Capricorn, your sign of goals and wishes, adds to the opportunities offered by Mars. Two days later, your ruling planet Neptune goes direct. You might be surprised by how willing you are to make changes now. You end the month with inspired resourcefulness.

Next month, circumstances work on your behalf. There are harmonious associations and a wealth of plans.

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