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Month of Oct 2019: It’s the fall harvest season and time to reap rewards. The September 28 Libra new moon puts a 30-day accent on cooperation and help to achieve in your sign of friends, goals, and wishes.

October 2 is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. This is an auspicious time for interviews and meetings, too.

On the third, Scorpio Mercury is a bit subdued, suggesting quietly organizing things like long-term plans for increased cash flow. This is a cool move when Venus, planet of money, also transits Scorpio. “Action-oriented but nice about it” Libra Mars continually adds fuel to the fire of the new moon theme over the next few weeks.

The October 13 sextile between the sun and Jupiter highlights four days of potential opportunity, like something coming in the form of change when the sun squares transformational Pluto, now direct, the next day.

The month ends with Mars squaring career-oriented and consistent Saturn on the twenty-seventh. The aspect is one of initiative and strength.

October 30 is another lucky day, and you know the drill! The added bonus is, what could be better when you’ve got good vibes going through the week?

On the thirty-first, Mercury’s retrograde sets November’s motif and second chances last all month long.

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