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Month of May 2020: Your business partnerships and a financial situation are in focus this month. But three planets station retrograde in May, suggesting that you're entering a period of review before you can move forward again.

On May 4, the sun meets Mercury, bringing important conversations with a partner and revealing information. As the Scorpio full moon aligns three days later, relationships are peaking and putting you in the spotlight. Be patient and open-minded in your conversations.

You have solid support from partners, but it will mean foundational changes. Saturn stations retrograde on the tenth, bringing matters of security to the surface. You might be moving your office, relocating, or getting involved in a family business. Whatever unfolds on the surface, at a core level you’re putting down roots and laying the foundation of your life.

Venus stations retrograde on May 12 (and remains so until June 24), followed immediately by Jupiter’s retrograde station two days later, bringing major changes in financial and business partnerships. But it’s not all about the money. Your values matter, too, so avoid compromising them at all costs, or you could pay a steep price. This is an ideal time to clear back taxes and debts, reinvest resources, and reevaluate and renegotiate contracts, business and financial partnerships, arrangements, and investments so they give back to you equally.

As you end the month, the Gemini new moon aligns on the twenty-second, ushering in a powerful new beginning in a financial situation and perhaps second chances. Everything is negotiable. Remember your lessons, know your bottom line, stay true to your values, and you can deepen mutually profitable arrangements.

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