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Month of Oct 2019: October’s theme of progress through persistence shows as you take command of a situation and avoid getting stuck through inaction. Don’t be shy. Be optimistic. Once you quit seeing everything as an obstacle, your mind can open, you figure out how to remove them, and you’re free, so says helpful Pluto as the transformational planet turns direct in your creativity and risk-taking sign.

Thinking Mercury is just as innovative in Scorpio as of October 3. Also on that day, Libra Mars amplifies your money sign. Action-oriented Mars ends indecision, and you really do need to make some choices ASAP.

On the seventh, ruling Mercury opposes Uranus, planet of the unexpected. Something from the past creates a need to review former words and actions.

On October 8, Venus in Scorpio takes the edge off over the next few weeks and adds a little luck besides.

Opportunity knocks the week of the fourteenth when the sun squares transformational Pluto and Mercury sextiles business-oriented Saturn.

October 24 is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

The Scorpio new moon in your communication sign on the twenty-seventh announces November’s theme: It isn’t necessary to completely hold back from expressing your opinion. It’s more about when to share it. Mercury turns retrograde, and you have conversations again.

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