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Month of May 2020: Feeling a little sluggish this month? Not feeling motivated to work out? Don’t give up just yet. You’re not defeated; you’re just bored with your routine. When the full moon is in Scorpio on May 7, switch up your workout. Go from cardio to weights, go for a long run, or start dancing in the living room. You’ll love the results you see by the time Saturn turns retrograde on the tenth. Keep it up!

Don’t let yourself get tricked into something you don’t want to do when Mars enters Pisces and Venus turns retrograde on May 12. With all that planetary movement, it’s easy to get talked into skipping your workout to do some boring work. Thankfully, Jupiter’s retrograde on the fourteenth can put your focus back on your goals.

Be more assertive to get what you want as the sun enters Gemini on May 20. Don’t let anyone convince you to ease up. Continue to focus on your goals during the new moon in Gemini on the twenty-second, and you might just get the results you’re longing for. As Mercury enters your sign on May 28, give yourself a pat on the back. You did great this month!

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