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Month of Apr 2019: Mars, the planet of action, will be in your sign on April 1 and bringing some major energy into your life. You not only want to reach your fitness goal but you also want to crush it. You might even feel a bit competitive. A little friendly competition is fine if you’re making a bet with a friend, but don’t let it consume you. And especially don’t trash-talk anyone or your big mouth could burn some serious bridges.

Still, with Mars in your sign, you’ll be filled with a desire for new experiences. If you’ve ever wanted to run a 5K or take a backpacking trip, this is the time to try.

When Mercury finally enters Aries on the sixteenth, you’ll notice that your reflexes are faster than normal - and I don’t mean your quick wit. You’ll find that your movements are more fluid and your reactions are quicker. You might be stumbling less during yoga and beating your record on the treadmill. Use this to your advantage.

When Venus enters Aries on April 20, you’ll find yourself growing more restless. Consider taking a trip to explore new places. Travel is good for the mind, body, and soul.

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