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Month of Jul 2019: The Uranus semi-sextile with Chiron on July 1 could send you some major stressors. You might be tempted to lock yourself in your room and watch bad TV. Head to the gym instead and burn off that stress. Remember, endorphins make you happy! Make a list of the wellness goals you want to reach in the weeks to come.

While you’re excited about your goals, it would be wise to remember that you’re only human. If you don’t, Chiron’s retrograde on the eighth will give you an unpleasant reminder. Accept your own limitations and work from there. While you may enjoy jogging, you must remember that life isn’t a race. You’ll reach your goals when the time is right. Mercury is retrograde from July 7 to July 31, so take plenty of breaks. You don’t want to get burned out.

Check in with yourself when Venus enters Leo on the twenty-seventh, when you could be a little more emotional. How are you feeling? What’s working for you in your life? These are important questions to ask about your physical and emotional state. Take advantage of the new moon in Leo on July 31 to cut one bad habit. You’ll be glad you did next month.

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