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Month of Apr 2019: Yikes! Mars in Gemini at the start of the month could send you some major stress that even the best herbal tea can’t cure. Breathe deeply, Virgo. Spend April doing some intense yoga, slow breathing exercises, and even a deep tissue massage. This disharmony will throw you off balance, so focus on your inner health this month.

Luckily, things start normalizing again on April 10, when Jupiter’s retrograde opens your mind to new possibilities. You'll be more inclined to start a new workout class or hire a trainer. You are typically a perfectionist to a fault, and if you don’t do something right on the first time, you quit. Don’t take things so personally. Everyone messes up when they first start something new. Allow others to help you, and accept constructive feedback without feeling personally attacked.

April will be a month for you to reexamine your fitness goals and routine. Honest Aries rules the skies during the second half of the month, unleashing your inner critic. You might be quick to judge yourself concerning any imperfections or not hitting your goals soon enough. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, embrace what you love about yourself. You’re only human. Give yourself a break.

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